Books every restaurant manager should read

Books every restaurant manager should read

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The great thing about managing a restaurant is that you can work your way up the ladder without having to shell out a lot of money for a degree. But just because you're well-versed in your role doesn't mean you should stop learning. There's always room for improvement. 

If you're a restaurant manager or well on your way to being one, here are some books that you should put on your summer reading list. 

"The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People" by Stephen Covey 
Published in 1989, this book has been circulating among recent college graduates, budding entrepreneurs and everyone in between for 26 years, and there's a reason for it: It's good advice. Covey offers his own challenges in the first few chapters and delves into the shifting paradigms of character and personality.

The difference between the two paradigms is that the character model puts an emphasis on morals, while personality defines someone's role based on appearance and a positive attitude. Covey explains why society must get back to the character paradigm for people to flourish and find happiness.

"Steering by Starlight: The Science and Magic of Finding Your Destiny" by Martha Beck
Leadership isn't static. It varies depending on who you are and what you have to offer your employees, and Martha Beck will tell you why you should be true to yourself if you wish to excel. In her hard-to-put-down book, Beck challenges readers to find their authenticity and apply it to management.

"Beck challenges readers to find their authenticity and apply it to management."

The book offers advice on how to let your guard down without losing respect. In addition to her work-relevant guidance, she also offers insight that applies to relationships and how to live a more harmonious life. Forbes magazine voted this as one of the top books to give someone for the holidays in 2013.

"The Gifts of Imperfection: Let Go of Who You Think You're Supposed to Be and Embrace Who You Are" by Brene Brown
In this eye-opening book, Brown, who's an expert on shame and authenticity, visits many important questions that most people are too ashamed to confront. What if you fail? What if you want to abandon a particular goal? Why is everyone doing this while you're doing that? 

She motivates readers to start the day with a sense of urgency and end it with a feeling of peace, accepting the things that you cannot change. It's a great read if you're a manager or just a human being.

"How to Win Friends & Influence People" by Dale Carnegie
CEO magazine placed this title on its list of 24 leadership books to read before you die. Published in 1937, this book offers advice to people in all walks of life across all industries. Regardless of the job, most people have to work with others and walk a fine line when it comes to offering guidance, making people feel needed rather than duped. Carnegie's stories can help you achieve just that and teach you the importance of self-assertion and enthusiasm. 

Pick one or all of these books to find your personal style of management and gain a sense of inner peace. At the very least, you'll gain a new perspective. 

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