Don't be another faceless server

Don’t be another faceless server

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Being a server at a restaurant has its perks: You get to meet new people every day, work closely with others and most likely get a discount on the food.

You and your co-workers are probably required to wear uniforms. In such cases, use the opportunity to look for slip-resistant shoes, which will heighten your safety around the restaurant, which is often slippery. Additionally, there are many models that may fit your style and fall within the dress code.

While the dress code keeps you looking professional, wearing the same uniform as your fellow servers can make you blend in with your co-workers. Unless you have a particularly flashy hairdo, you may not particularly stand out. Chances are, you've faced difficulty figuring out who your server was as a diner before. So how do you distinguish yourself from the many other servers at the restaurant?

Understand the importance
Of course, there's the question of why. After all, diners are there for the food and atmosphere. And that's exactly it – the atmosphere. Directly dealing with them means that you play a huge role in their overall experience, and while you don't need to break into song and dance to leave a great impression, you should think about how you can stand out.

Diners will appreciate your efforts, which will most likely translate into bigger tips. Think about it: It's easier to tip "Bill" or "Beth" than it is to tip "that person who came by three times, once to take our order, once to give us our food and once to drop off the bill."

Drop your name
This can seem redundant if you have to wear a name tag, but it's about as awkward for diners to read it as it is for you to wear it. Save them the trouble and introduce yourself as soon as you get to the table. They'll probably forget it after you list the specials, so reiterate it by letting them know what name to ask for if they have any other questions.

Swing by often
You should make appearances at the table at least five or six times. Here's a list of must-dos.

  1. Introduce yourself: Welcome diners to the restaurant, introduce yourself, list the specials and let them know who to find.
  2. Take their orders: This may need to be repeated depending on how decisive the diners are.
  3. Drop off the food: Drop off the food with the bus boys and remember that there are bonus points for remembering who ordered what.
  4. Check in: Return to check on how they're enjoying the food and whether there's anything they need. If it's a large party, this is also a good time to ask about how the bill will be divided, saving you and your guests time.
  5. Put the bill down: This can be awkward, but preface the move by letting them know that there's no rush and ask if anyone would like to take their leftovers home.
  6. Take payment: It may happen in conjunction with step five, but if customers are working out the details of the bill, it'll take time. Keep an eye on the table because you don't want to keep them waiting.

Additionally, Thrifty Fun, a money saving advice website, highlighted the importance of remembering details about regular customers, which can establish relationships and lead to better business and bigger tips.

Personalize it more
Taking the time to jot down a handwritten thank-you and your name on the bill goes a long way. Not only will you ensure that your guests remember your name, but they'll also appreciate how personal the bill is. Otherwise, it might just be a slip asking for payment.

Perhaps the most important aspect of becoming a server is balancing professionalism with your personality. Be friendly and sociable, but also know how important your duties are to the restaurant and to your guests. But above all, remember to have fun!

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