Top qualities to look for in a hotel concierge

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Whether traveling for business or embarking on a luxurious vacation, one thing that people count on a hotel for is service. Quality service can help a hotel separate itself from a crowded field of competition and rise above the rest. In fact, service may have never been a more important aspect of the hotel industry than it is today, with online review tools such as Yelp having an enormous impact on whether people choose to stay at your hotel. 

For many hotels, concierges are the faces of their business and represent service to their customers. This makes it critical that hotels and hospitality managers hire the right people to anchor their customer service desk. When looking to hire a concierge, there are a number of qualities to search for to ensure that you'll get somebody who's ready to improve your business's reputation. 

Superb people skills 
Being a concierge is more than just manning the help desk. You want somebody at your hotel that can make your guests feel comfortable, relaxed and at home in your walls. Concierges should also make people feel doted upon. There's more to being a concierge than being friendly and polite. A concierge should have people skills that are rare and exemplary. Chief concierge of the Hilton Montreal Bonaventure Julien Tanguy wrote an article in Hotel Business Review magazine about the many personality traits that can help make this very unique kind of people person. 

Tanguy explained that concierges need to be approachable, otherwise guests will never get a chance to experience your hotel's service. When the concierge is approached or offers help, he or she should be empathetic, patient, resourceful and discrete. This can mean that the concierge gives the same directions that he or she already has for the 100th time just as sincerely and kindly as before as well as keep a guest's trust while solving a sensitive problem. 

Perseverance, accountability and proactivity are a few other traits that Tanguy described as must-haves because they help create a concierge who's the authoritative and helpful face of your hotel. 

Complete professionalism 
Of course, a masterful attitude and personality are critical to being a concierge, but so is presenting a professional demeanor through appearance. When you're hiring a concierge, North Houston Concierge recommended that you look for someone who looks "tidy," approachable and in charge. Concierges should be in formal dress or uniform at all times to give them the physical appearance of constant service and availability. 

Concierges also need to think about safety like any other hotel staff member. This includes the use of slip-resistant shoes for frequent trips between the lobby, guest floors and behind-the-scenes areas. Because of their professional appearance, stylish safety shoes may be even more important than they are for other hotel positions. 

Superior memory 
Memory is an important skill in almost any job, but concierges need to be your hotel's substitute for Google so guests can have a full experience. On the most basic level, concierges need to have a complete knowledge of the city or town where the hotel is – knowing everything from attractions and restaurants to traffic and weather. 

Concierges should also have a complete and eclectic knowledge of the nation and world. When interviewing a concierge, ask about news reading habits and trivia. You want an employee who's ready to field any guest's question, no matter where it comes from. 

Memory is most important when it comes to remembering guests and their preferences, even when it's been a long time since their last stay. When a guest comes back to check in and a concierge remembers the guest's name and breakfast preference, you've built a customer for life and have a great new Yelp review. 

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