What does it take to be a hotel concierge?

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Being a hotel concierge is a huge undertaking, and people who can juggle all the responsibilities are truly gifted at the art of multitasking. From being the primary point of contact for guests to working closely with other staff members in various departments, a concierge's contributions are essential to hotel operations.

Chances are, you've stayed at a hotel before and have met and worked with concierges. However, your experiences as a guest may not have given you much insight into the position. If you're considering a hotel concierge job, you need to have a better understanding of the many duties. 

Consider your personality
Needless to say, there's a high level of social interaction for concierges. As a concierge, you'll be one of the first hotel staff members that guests interact with upon arrival. Additionally, you'll most likely serve as the primary local resource for them if they don't know anybody in the area. While you're dealing with guests on the other side of the front desk, you can bet that there are plenty of operations taking place behind the scenes as well, some of which may require your assistance. 

Because of the fast-paced environment and the many client-facing responsibilities, there are some skills and personality traits that you'll need in order to flourish in this position. Here are a few to help you consider whether it's the right job for you.

  • Friendly and outgoing: Many guests will be reaching out to you for help, so it's absolutely essential that you're approachable and sociable. Most guests are out-of-town visitors who are most likely unfamiliar with the area, so they depend on you for advice on places they want to visit and suggestions for local watering holes.
  • Well-groomed and always presentable: Everyone who works at a hotel is dressed for their parts. As a concierge, you'll have to dress sharply all the time. This goes from combing your hair, to ensuring that your suit jacket fits properly, to wearing dress shoes.
  • Handle background tasks: A hotel runs smoothly for guests when there are employees who are tending to responsibilities efficiently. At times, you may find yourself called into different parts of the hotel to help out. You might wind up in the kitchen every now and then. In these cases, slip-resistant shoes are a valuable investment. Furthermore, you never know when you'll come across a spill, especially if the lobby has tile floors. You don't have to sacrifice style for safety when you know where to look!
  • Great at multitasking: It's no secret that you'll be handling a multitude of tasks, all of which require different response times. Therefore, an ability to multitask is critical. There are many people who depend on you, from guests to fellow co-workers inside and outside of your department. 
  • Know the area well: If you know everything there is to know about the different restaurants, shows, museums, stores and other attractions in the locale, you can share this knowledge with guests as a concierge. Additionally, you need to know all about transportation methods, from the fastest, to the cheapest, to the most scenic. You'll also be expected to develop and maintain relationships with various venues, which can get your guests into an overbooked place, making you a valuable resource for both visitors and the hotel.

If being a hotel concierge sounds like a job that you want to try out, don't hold back. With the right attitude, knowledge and a knack for good presentation, you'll love your new job.

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