Is a warehouse job right for you?

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Working in a warehouse requires a lot of physical labor and attention to detail. You'll be lifting boxes of various sizes and weights and tracking and organizing inventory.

It's a great way to stay fit, and you can rest easy knowing that your work will play a huge role in the company's operations. After all, you'll receive shipments of new items, log them and store them away. You'll also pack and ship out orders, which directly affects consumer satisfaction. 

Know what to expect
If you're unsure of the responsibilities of a warehouse worker but are considering the job, there are several factors to consider. From physical ability to attention to detail, there are essential skills that you need to have. Here are some points to think about as you're applying to warehouse jobs.

  • Size: There are warehouses of varying sizes, which require a different number of staff members. A small store may only require one worker who manages the entire space, whereas chain stores will have larger warehouses that need a team of employees to keep operations running smoothly. Find one that fits your preferred working style – do you want to handle everything alone or do you want to work with others?
  • Safety: As a warehouse worker, you'll be doing plenty of lifting throughout the day. Chances are, it'll open with receiving shipments and storing items, then progress to sending out packages. In order to stay safe, you have to know how to move heavy items, using your legs instead of your back and turning your whole body around instead of twisting your torso. Additionally, you should look into protective gear such as work boots to keep your feet safe from any items that may fall from the shelves and heavy-duty gloves that'll protect your hands from sharp edges on boxes or fixtures.
  • Cleaning: Warehouse workers are responsible for all of the operations, including cleanup. Depending on the process, this may be a frequent task or one that only needs to be once a week. Don't overlook this aspect of the job – it's a big one.

If these tasks are right up your alley, then warehouse work may be right for you.

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