3 easy tips for people who stand all day

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Being on your feet all day can be a real pain, but there are simple things you can do to stay comfortable while doing so. Whether you're a host at a restaurant, a custodial worker, chef or security guard, you can make your work day easier. After all, humans were built to stand, it's just about learning how to stand the right way and focusing on a few techniques to reduce discomfort.

Here are three tips for staying comfortable while standing all day:

Good standing posture
As you probably heard from your parents when you were younger, slouching is bad for you. The rules are still the same, and as you age they become more important to your comfort. According to the Mayo Clinic, you should always try to stand with your shoulders back and your abdomen pulled inward. As you do so, keep your feet roughly shoulder width apart. This posture lets your weight settle evenly on your feet. A slouch, on the other hand, will only cause certain parts of your back to take the brunt of the force, which can lead to pain and discomfort.

Comfortable shoes
Your footwear makes a huge difference in the amount of comfort your experience throughout the day. Wearing a pair of old sneakers with worn out soles can eventually wreak havoc on your back, legs and feet. In fact, according to the University of Wisconsin, shoes with tattered soles can cause serious problems such as plantar fasciitis. Comfortable shoes are a must. And if you work in a fast-paced environment such as a restaurant, you'll want a good pair of safety shoes with slip-resistant soles. This combination can prevent injuries from long periods of standing and slip-and-fall injuries.

Low impact yoga can relieve tension caused by standing all day.Low impact yoga can relieve tension caused by standing all day.

After your shift, you can perform a few simple yoga poses that will relieve some of the discomfort that comes from standing all day long. When you get home, don't head straight to the couch, instead take a few minutes to try out the following yoga poses recommended by LifeHacker. Start by laying down on your back and raising your knees in the air. Then lift one foot and rest it on the opposite knee. Hold this position for 20 seconds, then repeat with the other foot.

Another simple pose is to simply lay on your back and draw your knees to your chest. Hold this for 20 seconds before easing out of the pose. You can also stand with your back straight and slowly raise one foot to the opposite thigh, holding your arms out for balance. These are fairly low-impact exercises, but you may want to consult with your health care professional before starting a new exercise regimen.

These three tips can make a world of difference if you make them into habits. It's important to prioritize your own comfort so that you can focus on your job and come home feeling well at the end of the day.

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