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Women's Electrostatic Dissipative (ESD) Shoes


Static electricity can be more than annoying when you’re trying to get work done. Electrostatic shocks can disrupt your workflow, damage electronic equipment, and even spark dangerous ignitions. We generate static electricity by creating friction between materials, such as when walking across carpets. Protect against electrostatic discharge in your workplace with Shoes For Crews® ESD shoes for women.


There is a greater chance of electrostatic discharge if you work in industries and environments with low humidity, such as an office with computers or a building that manufactures medical equipment, biotech products, or pharmaceuticals. Our slip-resistant women’s ESD shoes are designed to minimize static electricity buildup to reduce the risk of shocks in the workplace.


Slip-Resistant ESD Footwear for Women


Our entire women’sESD shoes women's collection features our exclusive slip-resistant outsole, designed to reduce slips, trips, and falls. When you browse ourwomen's safety toe catalog, you'll discover women's ESD shoes with additional protection for your feet, including puncture-resistant steel-toe boots and shoes that protect your feet from falling objects. We also have women's composite toe shoes with that meet the ASTM F-2413-18 safety standard foot protection so you can move work confidently.


Shoes For Crews’ women's ESD shoes are ideal for work environments where electrostatic discharge is commonplace. Our ESD shoes in women's styles include lace-up work boots for industrial environments, athletic safety shoes for ease of movement, and even a slip-on option for greater convenience.


Cleaning your outsoles after a long shift is never fun. Here's the good news: Our ESD shoes for women include wider-spaced, clog-resistant traction lugs in the outsole to prevent the accumulation of dirt and debris throughout your shift. An easy-to-clean outsole means you'll be relaxing after a long shift in no time.


Maximize Comfort with Our ESD Shoes for Women


Women's electrostatic dissipative shoes help minimize the risk of static electrical shock, but they do more than that. Yes, they're slip-resistant, but they're also comfortable. You'll appreciate wearing women's ESD safety shoes like our nano-composite toe shoes with REVIVE™ foam cushioning to keep a pep in your step throughout a long shift. These lightweight ESD shoes for women feature a removable cushioned, ESD-specific insole to ensure you always enjoy the cushioning, arch support, and grounded connection you need you to minimize passing along a static electrical discharge.


Are you tired of getting your feet damp? Protect your feet from accidental splashes and spills with our water-resistant ESD shoes for ladies. Wet shoes can otherwise have an adverse effect in their ability to provide ESD protection.  At Shoes For Crews, you’ll find athletic-inspired and steel-toe safety boots designed to repel liquids from the surface. And when you’re busy moving from one room to another, you’ll appreciate shoes with our exclusive TRIPGUARD® feature that facilitates ease of movement between slippery environments.


Protect yourself, your crew and any sensitive equipment from electrostatic discharge with electrostatic dissipative shoes for women. When it comes to safety solutions you can trust, no one beats Shoes For Crews!

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