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Shoes For Crews® Launches New Program to Provide Relief for Small Businesses

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Shoes For Crews® Launches New Program to Provide Relief for Small Businesses

The groundbreaking Small Business Program will support local businesses as they recover from financial hardships.


BOCA RATON, Florida (September 14, 2021) --Today Shoes For Crews®, the global leader and pioneer in slip-resistant footwear, launched a new safety footwear program for small businesses with a goal to provide a simple solution to protect local businesses from the effects of workplace accidents. The Small Business Program marks the first in which the company has dedicated resources to address the needs of the small business community.

With its groundbreaking Small Business Program, Shoes For Crews® will create a hassle-free opportunity for owners and operators to protect their business and employees from the impacts of slips and falls. The program, which ensures employees have access to affordable, industry-leading slip-resistant footwear, requires minimal resources to implement and maintain. Program administrators are provided step-by-step instructions for a seamless onboarding and transitional experience. Additionally, the program will be backed by a $5,000 accident warranty.

“Small businesses need support now more than ever,” said James Dollinger-McElligott, Vice President of Marketing at Shoes For Crews®. “Our new program has the potential to save small businesses thousands of dollars each year in workers’ compensation costs so that they can focus on operating their business, protecting their staff and serving their customers. When we unite, our communities will recover together – one step at a time.”

To learn about the free Shoes For Crews® Small Business Program, visit the Small Business Program website.

About Shoes For Crews®

Shoes For Crews® is a leading designer and manufacturer of slip-resistant footwear, protecting millions worldwide. Headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida, Shoes For Crews® began producing slip-resistant footwear in 1984 with a mission to create a safer workplace. The company's focus is to deliver best-in-class safety footwear with superior slip-resistant outsole technology, unmatched comfort and on-trend styling through a complete line of slip-resistant footwear designed to bring each employee home safely. For more information, visit