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How Do Shoes Grip? With Science!

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Shoes For Crews® (SFC) is a global leader in slip-resistant footwear. It's important to note that not all safety shoes are created equal. The reason SFC shoes really work and provide excellent slip resistance is a patented rubber compound that grips the microscopic roughness of the floor's surface to provide effective traction. This hard-working material helps thousands of crews across the country stay on their feet. From fatigued nurses on the eleventh hour of a 12-hour shift, to mechanics walking on grease covered floors, SFC shoes provide trusted traction.

Technology Makes a Difference

It's not just the material that makes the difference in SFC's patented slip-resistant outsoles. The pattern of the tread is specifically designed to push liquids away from the bottom of the shoe, providing more shoe-to-floor contact. All of SFC's shoes feature one of two patterned tread patterns, the Mighty Grip® and the V-Grip®. Both these grips for shoes have tread patterns prevent hydroplaning – the slipping and sliding sensation you feel before a disastrous fall.

Slip and fall accidents are no joke. They can cause potentially fatal head injuries as well as other bodily harm, especially in hazardous work environments. Work environments in the foodservice, health care, industrial and hospitality industries are full of hazards that can make a simple trip into a life-altering accident. SFC work shoes are designed to help prevent such incidents from happening.

Comfort, Support and Durability

With SFC's slip-resistant shoes, you don't have to sacrifice safety for comfort and durability. Padded collars, cushioned insoles and breathable linings make standing all day less of a pain. Anyone who works long shifts on their feet knows the pain that can come with it. That's why SFC offers a 60-day Wear and Compare Satisfaction Guarantee. If you don't love your shoes, return them and find another pair that suits you better.

Durability is extremely important, especially when you're wearing your shoes on the job every day. That's why SFC only uses quality materials such as vegan-friendly canvas, quality leather and water-resistant ballistic knit. You work hard, your shoes should too.

All of these great qualities can be found in every pair of SFC work shoes. Whether you're looking for a casual style, a hefty work boot, a solid sneaker or even a professional dress shoe, you'll get the same level of safety, comfort and durability. Check out our article about getting a grip on slip resistance.