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Keep It Clean: How to Maintain and Clean your Slip-Resistant Shoes

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How to Maintain and Clean your Slip-Resistant Shoes 

One of the downsides to wearing shoes on the job is just how dirty they can get in next to no time. Your slip-resistant shoes are an investment in your health and safety, ensuring you’re not involved in preventable slip, trip, or fall injuries. In effort to keep you safe and sound, today we’ll cover ways to maintain the effective performance of your Shoes For Crews footwear, clean the slip-resistant outsoles of your shoes and remove build-up between the tread groove. Remember—no sole is 100% slip-proof.

Combine wearing your Shoes For Crews with proper floor maintenance to achieve maximum slip and fall prevention. To ensure the most effective slip-resistant traction, we strongly recommend replacing your footwear every 6 months.

But before you think about tossing them, let's explore how to give them a good cleaning.


Cleaning your slip-resistant shoes doesn't have to be a chore. Grab yourself a boot and shoe brush, and you're good to go.

Here's the drill:

  •  Keep your shoes on and step onto the bristly brush.
  •  Give your shoes a good scrub with back-and-forth motions to remove dirt, mud, and grime.
  •  These brushes are easy to find at department stores. In a pinch, a dish brush can do the job, just make sure it's not the same one you use for your dishes!


Soap and Water

When brushing isn't enough, it's time to bring in the heavy hitters: soap and water.

Here's the game plan:

  • Get a small bucket with warm water and a dash of dish soap.
  • Use a microfiber cloth, paper towel, or even a dish brush to wipe down your shoes, tackling any stains or dirt.
  • Be careful not to soak the insides of your shoes and let them air dry.


Washing Machine Woes

Resist the temptation to toss your Shoes For Crews slip-resistant footwear in the washing machine! The heat can interact with the slip-resistant rubber outsole, and you definitely don't want that.

Plus, at a high temperature, the glue that holds your shoes together can melt, causing parts of the shoe to fall apart.

It might be a tad inconvenient but avoid the washer and wash by hand.

Mats to the Rescue

Now that your shoes are clean, let's keep 'em that way. Enter the world of grip mats, not the yoga kind, but the ones that sit at the doorstep of homes and offices.

These rubbery rugs with ribbed surfaces are perfect for giving your shoes a quick rub to dislodge any build-up. The mat will hopefully get in between the grid pattern on the bottom of your slip-resistant Shoes For Crews outsole and assist in ridding your shoes of assorted work gunk and grime.

Save Them for Work

If you've purchased a pair of Shoes For Crews slip-resistant shoes or boots for work, then treat them like part of your uniform. Don't wear them on your daily stroll or on a coffee shop run. The more you use them unnecessarily, the quicker you'll need to replace or clean them. Protect your investment!

What Next?

So, now that you're a pro at keeping your slip-resistant shoes in top shape, they should last a lot longer! But remember, even with all this TLC, to ensure the most effective slip-resistant traction, we strongly recommend replacing your footwear every six months.

And when it's time for a fresh pair, check out Our slip-resistant shoes are not only stylish and comfy but also easy to clean.

With multiple colors, custom insoles, and a variety of element-resistant materials, they're the perfect safety companion for many industries.

Stay stylish and slip-resistant with Shoes For Crews!