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Why Slips, Trips and Falls are a Threat to Profitability

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The numbers don’t lie.  Approximately $70 billion dollars each year are spent on workers’ compensation claims due to slip and fall injuries in the workplace.  Slips, trips and falls are responsible for 15 percent of all accidental deaths, making them second only to car crashes. 

At Shoes For Crews® (SFC), our mission is to protect people and profits by providing safety footwear programs, customized to your company’s specific needs.  At over $24,000 per each slip, trip or fall incident, the reasons to invest in safety are clear.  Each year there are 95 million lost workdays due to slip, trip and fall accidents.  According to an independent NIOSH study, Shoes For Crews programs result in a 67% reduction of slip and fall incidents.  As many of our customers will tell you, that reduction is even more, often as high as 80%.  

As Rose Roth, ARM of Enterprise Risk Management, Chick-fil-A Inc. describes, Shoes For Crews® has developed "The most effective slip-resistant shoes in the industry." A good safety program will protect your team members as well as your bottom line.  Our exclusive outsole traction is our secret to success; in fact, Shoes For Crews is the gold standard in safety footwear.  While other companies aim for preventing slips, trips and falls, we have it down to a science.  In fact, visit the “Our Technology” page and scroll over the shoe to see the seven important features of a shoe. This is why millions of workers worldwide, in more than 150,000 locations, depend on the slip-resistant safety of Shoes For Crews.

When considering the loss that comes from a slip, trip or fall incident, it’s not just a dollar amount but also the loss of a happy, healthy team member, something you can’t easily put a price tag on. Whether the employee is out temporarily or permanently, it’s a true loss for the company.  In addition, there’s lost productivity when replacing the employee. There are many resources that go into finding a replacement, as well as resources that go into training a new employee.  

Implementing a strong safety culture can positively influence employees’ viewpoints, causing a significant change in safety behaviors. Additionally, companies with strong safety cultures have noticeably lower injury and fatality rates in comparison to those with poor or non-existent safety cultures.  Over 40% of CFOs cite productivity as the top benefit of an effective workplace safety program.  

When you’re in business, you want to grow and be profitable. Slip, trip and fall incidents are a major step backwards in the process. By investing in your employee’s safety, you are also adding to company morale, safeguarding your bottom line and increasing your overall profitability. Best of all is the peace of mind that comes from taking the initiative and prioritizing your team members’ safety.