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Finding the Best Shoes for Hospitality Workers

The hospitality industry is like its own micro-world because there are so many diverse responsibilities within. When you first think about staff members at a hotel or resort, you probably picture the housekeepers. It’s their job to maintain order and cleanliness in the rooms and common areas. And then there are the front-of-house staff, those the guest encounters first – namely the porter, valet and concierge. Behind the scenes there might be cooks, chefs, busboys, waiters and bartenders. Each one of these positions, from the upper management down, has its own responsibilities and each has its own safety concerns.

Without a doubt, there’s a lot of footwork in the hospitality industry – endless miles are walked or run each day in an effort to give the guests the best experience possible. That means everyone involved needs to have the right pair of shoes for hospitality workers.. Read on to learn how each position within a hotel can benefit from a pair of safety shoes.

Housekeeping Staff

Although each housekeeper’s shift will vary from place to place, Women’s Day magazine noted that many housekeepers have to turn over about 16 rooms a day. Depending on the size of each room, that can add up to some serious mileage, not to mention strain on the legs, arms and lower back.

The kind of work shoes housekeepers wear is an extremely important factor because it could mean the difference between feeling fatigued at the end of the day and being outright exhausted. First of all, members of the housekeeping staff have to deal with messes, whether they be in the ensuite bathrooms, bedrooms or in the hallways. To avoid dangerous slip and fall accidents, housekeepers should wear slip-resistant shoes. A single accident could lead to head trauma, sprained ankles or other injuries, so it’s important to have the right footwear. Comfort should also be near the top of the list when it comes to hospitality work shoes. A padded insole can help with the pressure of constantly standing and walking.

Concierge members need shoes for the hospitality industry that are safe and look professional.

Front-of-house Staff

Staff members who work the front desk may or may not get a chair, but even if they do, they’ll still have to spend quite a lot of time on their feet. And it’s hard to greet every guest with a smile if your feet are hurting. These team members might not be as involved with cleaning the hotel, but they’ll still have to traverse wet floors, so it’s a good idea to get a pair of work shoes with slip-resistant soles. SFC has a number of professional styles with patented slip-resistant outsoles. These kinds of shoes are especially important for valets and porters who perform most of their job on their feet. Carrying heavy bags, assisting guests to their rooms and quickly traversing the halls means it’s vitally important to have well-fitting, comfortable footwear. Bellhops will benefit greatly from the right pair of shoes.

Kitchen Staff

Many hotels and resorts aren’t just great places for guests to hang their hats and get a good night’s sleep – they also provide room service and dining experiences. When it comes to kitchen staff, there’s no question about wearing safety shoes. Kitchen shoes need to be slip-resistant because there’s always the risk of unseen spills. Sharp utensils, hot surfaces and slippery floors are daily hazards in the kitchen. Cooks, chefs, busboys and bartenders all need footwear that conforms to the standards set by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. OSHA stated that areas with low traction can lead to potentially fatal slip and fall hazards. As such, kitchen staff need to be equipped with slip-resistant shoes with low heels.


Hotels and resorts are constantly buzzing with activity. Everyone involved in the daily operation of the building needs to have safety at the top of their minds during every shift. One way to keep the business running smoothly is to pay special attention to footwear. That means finding the best shoes for hospitality!