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Overcoming the Hiring Slump for Companies with a Strong Workplace Safety Culture

In today’s everchanging climate, employers are battling an ongoing labor shortage. According to a survey conducted by the National Federation of Independent Business, 42% of owners have job positions that they are unable to fill. This chronic shortage is the result of a new reality about workplace safety which has created an increasing need for employees to always feel protected.

With the reality of recent events igniting fear of safety in many workers, this points to a greater need for employers to foster a strong safety culture. With the shortage of workers at an all-time high, companies need tactics to attract and maintain talent if they are to overcome the hiring slump.

Read ahead to learn how a strong workplace safety culture can benefit your company as you recover from the effects of staffing shortages.

Gaining Employees’ Trust

Amid shifting safety expectations, employee-employer trust has become more critical than ever. Pertaining to safety, one way to gain employees’ trust is to foster a work environment in which safety is prioritized and where team members are encouraged to speak up.

Allowing employees to share feedback on the current safety culture can reveal powerful insights into which processes can be improved. Additionally, giving them the opportunity to vocalize concerns can boost productivity. According to Forbes, employees who feel their voice is heard are 4.6 times more likely to perform their best work. Listening to and addressing employee concerns demonstrates genuine interest on your behalf – which can lead to higher rates of employee satisfaction and retention.

Providing Proper PPE

Safety is, and will remain, top of mind as workers return to the workplace. Now, more than ever, employees are interested in the safety protocols being implemented on the job, and for good reason. By informing potential candidates about your team’s mandated personal protective equipment (PPE), you can help relieve their stress and anxiety concerning safety.

PPE is an effective method for eliminating workplace accidents and providing peace of mind to  employees. When you provide PPE, such as Shoes For Crews® slip-resistant footwear, you reinforce your concern for your employees’ wellbeing – an attractive incentive for new hires.

Incentivizing Safety

Recently, companies have begun to offer additional monetary incentives, such as sign on bonuses, in hopes of attracting talent. However, you can also incentivize safety by offering perks, like company-sponsored safety footwear. This type of perk doubles as an added measure of protection against workplace hazards and prevents employees from spending their money on shoes.

Another way to incentivize safety is by evaluating paid and sick leave policies. As employees become more committed to their safety culture, ensuring they have enough time off to stay home (without guilt) when they are sick or injured can make a difference.

Because employees’ safety expectations have shifted, as an employer your safety offerings and initiatives must also evolve to accommodate their needs. As the nation fights to recover from the rapidly decreasing number of available workers, emphasizing your company’s dedication to safety can place you a step ahead

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