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What is the Value-Add of a Corporate Safety Footwear Program?

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Did you know that a corporate safety footwear program can help you reduce your workers’ compensation costs? A corporate safety footwear program is also an effective way to ensure employee safety and happiness.  

But this begs the question: What exactly is a corporate safety footwear program? 

What is a Corporate Safety Footwear Program? 

A corporate safety footwear program is a partnership between a business and a safety shoe provider seeking to reduce workers’ compensation claims sustainably.  

According to Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) 1917.96(b), an employer does not have to pay for non-specialty safety-toe protective footwear, such as steel-toe boots or shoes. However, the lack of proper safety footwear in a workplace can cause accidents which could translate into costly worker compensation claims.  

How Much Can a Corporate Safety Footwear Program Increase Safety Shoe Usage? 

A corporate safety footwear program’s impact depends on the cost-sharing level and ease of payment.  

If employees use their credit cards to purchase footwear, the average safety footwear usage comes out to around 20%. Fortunately, you can increase this employee usage percentage by providing voluntary payroll deductions spread to pay for safety footwear over multiple installments.  

Employers that subsidize safety shoe purchases can attain up to 70% employee participation.  

If you pay the entire safety footwear cost as an employer, you could attain up to 100% employee participation. That could mean as much as an 80% decrease in slips and falls. 

What Are the Benefits of a Corporate Safety Footwear Program? 

The advantages of a corporate safety footwear program include: 

Reduced Workers’ Compensation Costs 

Workers’ compensation claims can severely affect a company’s financial stability. Many of these claims result from slip and fall accidents in the workplace. In fact, slip and fall accidents account for about 85% of workers’ compensation claims. That’s a lot of easily avoidable accidents and trouble for a company to deal with. 

Fortunately, you can prevent or reduce such accidents by partnering with a slip-resistant safety shoe provider on a corporate safety footwear program.  

According to a 53-month study by the CDC and National Institute for Occupational Health and Safety, slip-resistant footwear reduced workers’ compensation claims by 67%. The study’s researchers used Shoes For Crews as their ideal 5-star-rated safety footwear provider

Corporate Safety Footwear Program Account Management 

Shoes For Crews will provide hands-on administrative management of the corporate safety footwear program on your behalf. We’ll assess your company’s needs and design a fully-managed program fitting your goals.  

Additionally, we can tailor your online ordering program and configure your billing, marketing, and reporting tools Shoes For Crews handles the details, and you reap the benefits.  

Fast Free Exchanges 

Shoes For Crews provides fast and free exchanges for our products,  which come with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. This means that within the first 30 days of the footwear purchase, you can return the items if you’re unsatisfied. You can also request an exchange of the items, which Shoes For Crews will process promptly. 

Exclusive Discounts and Promotions 

At Shoes For Crews, our corporate safety footwear program allows employers to purchase safety shoes at reduced costs, helping both your company and your employees to save money. Our corporate safety program exclusive discounts are also available for voluntary payroll deduction.  

Slip and Fall Warranty 

Shoes For Crews is so confident in their products, that if an employee slips and falls while wearing our footwear, we will reimburse up to $5,000 for each worker compensation claim your company pays. That’s a warranty that counts.  

Track Program Participation with Analytics 

Shoes For Crews will help you manage your footwear program—which uses your company’s internal data, such as employee and location file feeds—to tailor reporting and metrics that will measure your program’s results. Our analytics feature helps you understand employees’ participation levels and help to show where potential slipping accidents could occur through being actively aware of who isn’t participating in the corporate safety footwear program. 

Boost Employee Morale 

Shoes For Crews’ footwear helps to reduce workplace accidents which will make employees more productive. The more safe your employees feel in their workplace, the more they will become efficient in their roles. Moreover, by paying for your employees’ safety shoes, workers tend to feel more cared for, which vastly increases employee engagement. Also, you can classify our Shoes For Crews slip-resistant products as a perk under employee benefits to both attract and retain your workforce while keeping them free from slipping accidents. 

Companies that invest in their employees’ well-being have higher retention and lower turnover rates. A corporate safety footwear program helps you save costs on workers’ compensation claims while reducing the need to replace workers who feel unsafe at the workplace. 

Feeling safe and protected at the workplace? That’s a slam dunk to boosting morale across the board.  

How to Get Started with a Corporate Safety Shoe Program 

A corporate safety footwear program is a surefire way to improve employee safety, morale, and peace of mind, and productivity. Employee safety means a reduced number of workers’ compensation claims, which reduces the company’s expenditure on covering employees’ workers’ compensation costs. 

Additionally, by partnering with a reliable and reputable corporate safety footwear provider, such as Shoes For Crews, you can enjoy free account management, fast and free exchanges, exclusive discounts and promotions, the $5,000 slip and fall warranty, and the ability to track employee usage of the corporate safety footwear program with reporting and analytics. 

Ready to get started? Learn more about Shoes For Crews’ corporate safety shoe program.