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Streamlining Workplace Safety with a Managed Footwear Program

A safety program is critical for any company who wants to ensure employee safety, boost employee morale or improve workplace productivity. However, running a successful program requires a significant time commitment.

With a managed safety footwear program, you can prevent accidents and streamline processes to achieve your company’s safety goals. The following features of a safety footwear program can be used to simply workplace safety:


Data and Reporting

Today, data rules the world. Good data enables companies to accurately benchmark goals and performance metrics and to successfully establish baselines for achieving these goals. When data is not present in workplace safety initiatives, it is difficult to identify useful information such as program participation levels or accident prevention rates.

For some companies, the issue with data collection concerning safety is that the process can be tedious.  In fact, data scientists typically spend up to 80% of their time manually preparing data. With a safety footwear program, like the ones offered by Shoes For Crews®, data is simplified – and so is workplace safety.

With the unit-level reporting tool, you can easily retrieve data about your company’s overall participation rate, individual employee engagement and more. These insights can be leveraged to identify opportunities to boost employee participation and make informed decisions about safety across the entire organization.


Account Management

Account management is key in streamlining workplace safety with a managed footwear program. With the support of an account manager, you can run an effective program without sacrificing time and resources.


Marketing Support:

An account manager can provide marketing support to help drive program adoption and boost employee engagement. Employee engagement is important for companies who want to improve workplace safety. In fact, employees are proven to be more attentive to safety when their company makes safety a priority. With marketing materials, you can better promote the program to your employees and convey the need for wearing safety shoes at work.


Email Communications:

Email communications are another method for streamlining workplace safety. Account managers use email to provide updates about new program features, product updates and exclusive promotions. These updates make it easier for you to identify new methods for creating a stronger safety program for your company.


Integrated Payment and Billing

A managed footwear program enables automated accounting processes which can help streamline your company’s operations by simplifying payment and billing. The integrated payment and billing system allows you to sync your existing accounting systems and eliminates the need for manual activities.


Online Ordering Portal

An online ordering portal allows employees to purchase their own safety footwear, eliminating the administrative hassle for you. Additionally, an online portal allows you to monitor, oversee and approve each purchase – ensuring that team members purchase the right shoes for their job. When employees wear the correct work shoes, slips and falls are reduced and workplace safety is improved.



A managed safety footwear program enables companies to protect their team and profits without interfering with daily operations and processes. Ultimately, a safety footwear solution can help streamline operations, making optimal workplace safety easier to achieve.


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