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Streamlining Workplace Safety with Online Ordering

Streamlining Workplace Safety with Online Ordering

Workplace safety is the key to making sure that businesses run without interruption.  There are many factors to consider in looking at the safety of any workplace:  staying alert, wearing the right clothes and footwear, using the right tools, learning how to lift properly, good housekeeping and getting rid of clutter. In this blog we will focus on the benefits of a safety shoe program with easy ordering.  By giving your team members a choice of safety footwear via an online ordering portal, you’re putting their safety first while giving them stylish and comfortable options to choose from. 

If you are a Safety Manager or handle risk management at your company, you know how important it is that your employees are protected.  By adopting a corporate shoe program, you’re equipping your team with one of the greatest safety precautions there is.  By choosing Shoes For Crews®, you’re potentially reducing worker’s comp claims by 67%, according to a study by NIOSH. Setting up a corporate shoe program is a win/win, protecting your team members and safeguarding your bottom line. 

Some of the many benefits of implementing a corporate shoe program with an online ordering portal include:

  • Enhanced employee retention
  • Increased workplace safety
  • Increased productivity
  • Custom shoes to fit your company’s needs
  • Increased ROI
  • Helpful reporting tools


Providing an online ordering portal to employees keeps them in the driver’s seat of their safety.  And employee engagement is key to workplace safety. Did you know that companies with engaged employees have about 70% fewer accidents than their counterparts?

According to the National Safety Council, for every dollar invested in an injury prevention program a minimum ROI of $3 is yielded.  At Shoes For Crews, we are confident in our shoe program.  In fact, we’re so confident that we offer a $5,000 warranty for any slip or fall accident that occurs when a team member is wearing our shoes. 

In addition to giving employees a good selection of styles to choose from and the message that safety is a priority, an online ordering portal allows you to retrieve important data.  Our Employee Participation Reporting Tool provides the overall safety shoe program participation rate as well as the rates of individual employees.  Our automated reorder alerts help you track when your employees need new safety shoes, and insights from our online ordering and participation reporting keeps your team and workplace on the path to safety.

With an online ordering portal, you make it easy to stay in control of your team’s safety and keep track of you are choosing to put safety first.  Shoes For Crews is happy to partner with you and set up a seamless, no-hassle system.  Most importantly, your team members will know that you are prioritizing their safety with every step they take.