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Noah Bedard


Industry: Culinary

Years in Industry: 6

About Noah

I was born in Hamilton but grew up in Toronto. I love this city, I couldn't imagine feeling more connected to any other place on earth. I have a funny relationship with Instagram... When I was working as a chef for many years before and I got into the bakery life, I would bake bread at home on my weekends. I looked up to several prominent bakers on Instagram and used their content to learn techniques and gain inspiration. Now that I've been working as a baker for over 5 years, I have been lucky enough to gain an incredible group of followers myself. Being in a position now to provide insight and guidance to other bakers much like I was given makes me so happy.

Outside of the bakery life, I spend most of my time improving my house with my wife, taking my dog on walks and playing videogames (my wife hates video games haha ).


As for my personal philosophy, I believe that a positive outlook can foster a happy life. I try to always keep the atmosphere at the bakery a happy and peaceful place that people enjoy coming to work in. No matter the production issue, or how busy it may be, if you keep a calm head and support those around you, there is nothing that can't be done. I also try to lift up the people around me. Giving people the support they need and helping them grow can create an incredible team dynamic.


As for a personal style... We have a saying at the bakery "follow your gut". Once you have a firm grasp on bread making I rely on my instincts to guide me. There are many things that lead to a perfect loaf of bread. Time, water Temperature, correctly scaled ingredients, mixing time, dough folds, shaping, proofing, baking and many more. Trusting my gut allows me to work efficiently and effectively.

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