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Unsung Heroes

As we face these challenging times together, let’s remember to salute the unsung (and unseen) heroes who are working so hard to keep our country going! You are the ones going out into the world so the rest of us can stay home and stay safe. We know you haven’t slept—and we appreciate your sacrifice. Honoring Our Healthcare Heroes You’re …

OSHA Electronic Reporting Deadline

Did you meet the electronic reporting deadline?

As any risk manager or safety manager well knows, reporting accidents and injuries is an important part of complying with workplace safety regulations set by the U.S. Department of Labor. Keeping up with their exact requirements on a day to day basis can be challenging, though. Revisions to rules and fluctuating deadlines are moving targets subject to change at a …

Can you make millennials loyal guests?

Wondering how you can attract the ever-elusive millennial? Join their efforts so you can earn their trust and gain this young crowd as loyal clients. 

How to boost brunch sales

Anyone in the food and beverage industry understands that a foray into breakfast or mid-day meals requires more than scrambling some eggs.

Are you eating sushi wrong?

Don’t shame your table just because you’re unsure of sushi customs. Use these etiquette pointers to indulge like a master.