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Unsung Heroes

As we face these challenging times together, let’s remember to salute the unsung (and unseen) heroes who are working so hard to keep our country going! You are the ones going out into the world so the rest of us can stay home and stay safe. We know you haven’t slept—and we appreciate your sacrifice.

Honoring Our Healthcare Heroes

You’re literally putting your lives on the line every day to do an invaluable service to the communities you serve. We are more than just grateful and appreciative—we’re in awe of the countless acts of courage and compassion
we’ve seen, and your tireless work to heal our nation.

Giving Thanks For Our Food Providers

From production workers holding the line to produce the food we eat, to the warehouse and distribution pros who send it out in all directions, to truckers delivering the goods—we are thankful to you all.

Kudos To The Supermarket Superheroes

It’s a comfort to see your smiling faces every day, while you work so hard to keep the shelves stocked and our pantries full. We know it’s not easy. But it’s what you do, and we admire your courage and tenacity. You are keeping things going for us all, helping us keep food on the table and feed our families.

Saluting Our Service Industries

Providing service with a smile, keeping your cool under pressure, and doing whatever it takes to make your customers happy is second nature to our service pros in hospitality and food service. Now is a difficult time for your industry—we understand, and we have your back.

On behalf of the entire Shoes For Crews team, we are deeply grateful for your service.