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SFC School Supplies Drive—Giving Back Locally August 1 – 16, 2019

Community outreach is an easy way for local businesses and the people who work in them to get involved, give back and make a difference in the places they call home.

Local outreach initiatives breathe life into the communities they serve, bringing people together and creating awareness for the issues and needs that impact the places where we live and work. Helping neighbors in need, shining a light on people and organizations who do good work and make a positive impact, enhances the wellbeing of both giver and receiver. Everybody wins.

The Soles of Wellness committee at Shoes For Crews, as a part of their continuing program of community outreach, has partnered with the American Association of Caregiving Youth (AACY) to provide assistance and support to this unique and vital service organization. 

From August 1 – 16, just in time for back-to-school season, Shoes For Crews is conducting a School Supplies Drive to equip young caregivers with backpacks, calculators, paper, folders, pens, notebooks, calculators, rulers and other tools for the upcoming school year. SFC staff members have already begun raiding their local office supplies and drugstores in search of back-to-school necessities. 

Did you know that at least 1.3 million young people in the U.S., ages 8-18, serve in the role of caregiver in their household[i]?

The non-profit American Association of Caregiving Youth, headquartered in Boca Raton, FL, was established in 1998 to increase awareness and provide support services for youth caregivers and their families. The AACY is the only organization in the U.S. whose sole mission is addressing caregiving youth issues.

The AACY focuses on the needs of children and adolescents under 18 years of age who provide substantial assistance to relatives or household members facing issues ranging from physical or mental illness to geriatric frailty, substance misuse and disability. These children working as caregivers in their homes attend school and often hold down jobs in addition to their household responsibilities.

Among the vital services the AACY provides are connections to the healthcare, education and community resources they need to achieve success in school and in life. 

The AACY is right in the backyard of the Shoes For Crews headquarters. In the words of one Soles of Wellness committee member, “Every successful company has the responsibility to give back. It’s an important part of the Shoes For Crews mission. But focusing locally helps us really make a strong connection building new relationships, making new friends, and seeing firsthand the impact we’re making. Besides, it just feels really good!”

Question: What can you, your company and your coworkers do to share your success with those in need in your community?

Chris Nashawaty promotes the School Supplies Drive on the Shoes For Crews Do Good Things wall

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