How much do you walk at work? [infographic]

Depending on your job, you likely have a wide range of responsibilities. Restaurant servers need to help customers get the food they want in a timely manner, factory workers need to improve their business’s production and custodians need to help keep places safe and clean for others. Along with these tasks, employees are doing work they’re not even thinking about, like walking. Many employees walk miles each day without realizing it.

Here are the average distances walked daily by servers, nurses, custodians, teachers, retail employees and industrial workers.

Shoes For Crews workplace athletes - infographic

  • Teachers
    Many people see teaching as a mostly stationary position akin to an office job, but molding young minds requires a significant amount of movement. Whether traveling between classrooms, supervising children or giving a demonstration in front of the students, teachers take an average of 4,726 steps per day. This adds up to just under 2 miles a day before ever hitting the gym!”
  • Retail employees
    Retail workers travel even farther than teachers each day. Stocking shelves, helping customers and working behind the register add up to about 3 miles every day. They walk an average of 7,360 steps each day.
  • Nurses 
    With all of the responsibilities that nurses juggle, it’s no surprise that they cover a lot of distance daily. Nurses walk about 8,648 steps on average, or 3.4 miles each day.
  • Industrial workers 
    Depending on the nature of the industrial work, whether people are on the production line or in the warehouse, their exercise may be even greater, but the average industrial worker walks 3.9 miles a day in nearly 10,000 steps.
  • Servers 
    Servers know that walking is a big part of the job, but did they know they cover about 4 miles each shift? The average server takes 10,087 steps every day.
  • Custodians
    Custodians walk the most by far. While cleaning and taking care of a building, custodians walk just shy of 13,000 steps daily for a total of 5.2 miles.

What all these steps mean 
When you’re walking a 5K or more every day, it means you’re getting some great exercise at work. It also means you’re more likely to slip or fall, and your job would be more difficult to do if injured. Consider investing in nonslip work shoes. Whether you need professional shoes or industrial work boots, slip-resistant footwear can help you take each of your thousands of steps with confidence that you won’t slip and hurt yourself.


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