What’s your fall type? [infographic]

Working on your feet exposes you each day to countless opportunities for a fall, whether simply embarrassing or downright dangerous with permanent injuries and loss of livelihood.

Slip-resistant shoes can help you stay safe (and save face) on the job.

Injuries are no joke, but sometimes how we sustain them can be silly.  Check out these various styles of falling.


Injuries are no joke, but sometimes how we sustain them can be silly. Check out these various styles of falling.

The flail
Perhaps you’ve lost your footing on a slippery piece of food or maybe your work shoes have lost their traction. Either way, this epic move sends you gliding across the floor with your arms flapping above your head. If you’re lucky, you’ll catch your balance. Otherwise, you’re going down.

The airplane
A cousin of the flail, this variation of falling sends you airborne like a plane during takeoff. Your nose points to the sky before your head plummets to the ground.

The flop
There’s nothing romantic about falling head over heels in this scenario. Your head hits the floor and your legs are sent into the air before they hit the floor.

Stealing base
This fall is similar to a baseball player sliding into home. With the arms extended, you slide across the floor belly-down until you stop moving naturally or you hit something. You’re out!

The zombie
If you lose traction on one side of your body, “the zombie” might lead you to believe that you’re not going to fall. As you stretch your arms out in front of you, your feet continue to slide out from under you until you’re down completely.

The tumbleweed
This is when your body takes the form of a tumbleweed in the desert. All it takes is a little built-up momentum combined with a forward fall until you’re rolling onward – no breeze necessary.

The gripster
If you’re wearing your slip-resistant work shoes, then you’re this guy: cool, calm, collected and, most importantly, still standing on your own two feet.

Get a solid pair of work shoes and save yourself the embarrassment.


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