10 x 10 booth Autumn and Jack

An Award-Winning Showcase

Here at Shoes For Crews, we’re proud of our sleek, aerodynamic trade booth designs that promote our brand and slip-resistant safety solutions. So it’s gratifying to know that others appreciate our work as well!

Shoes For Crews was awarded the prestigious Flame for best small booth design at the recent Canada RIMS Risk Management Society Conference.  

The 10 x 10 booth design was used for the RIMS conference

Both our larger 20 x 20 and smaller 10 x 10 booth designs, conceptualized by Shoes For Crews longtime creative manager Jorge Manibusen, showcase the company’s commitment to providing slip-resistant safety footwear to thousands of companies worldwide in industries ranging from food service to hospitality, and healthcare to industrial manufacturing. We protect millions of workers across the globe, and offer a large assortment of safety footwear solutions in addition to managed corporate programs that aid safety and loss management professionals reduce the occurrence of costly slip and fall accidents.

The Flame was designed by Darren James Peterson

The gorgeous crystal Flame award design by artist Darren James Peterson of Alberta, Canada perfectly exemplifies the passion of Shoes For Crews as we work to spread the word about workplace safety and the solutions we provide.  

We thank the RIMS Host Committee for this glittering honor, and look forward to participating in the show again next year!