Easy Clean Safety Shoes

Now more than ever, those on the frontlines of public service need to stay safe while on the job, utilizing PPE (personal protective equipment) like masks and gloves, and shedding their daily work clothes before entering the sanctuary of home. Preventing cross-contamination between work and home is a major goal, and proper footwear hygiene can help. 

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If you are an essential worker, having a separate pair of work shoes is highly recommended—and if you can keep them at work, all the better. Of course, slip-resistant footwear is strongly encouraged for all those working in potentially slippery and hazardous environments. 


It’s essential to clean and sanitize your work shoes after each and every shift, so the shoes you choose should be exceedingly easy to clean to prevent cross contamination. 

When possible, choose slip-on styles with easy-to sanitize uppers made of:

• Full-grain or synthetic leather

• Neoprene

• EVA/rubber

• Polyurethane/PVC

EVA footwear disinfection

Disinfecting these styles, particularly those that are EVA-based, is fast and easy. To clean, wipe thoroughly with a disinfectant cloth, or spray both the uppers and outsoles with a diluted household bleach solution, or a mixture of water and 70% alcohol.


General footwear hygiene

If your footwear can withstand machine washing, that’s great, but most cannot. (Check with your manufacturer.) A good recommendation for cleaning any synthetic, textile or leather footwear is a mixture of warm water and mild dish soap, or even clear hand soap. Spot-treat stains as needed and wipe them down with a damp cloth. Always let synthetic leather shoes and boots dry thoroughly before wearing them again. 

Always wash your hands thoroughly after cleaning your shoes. (We didn’t have to tell you that, though, did we?)

Looking for a new pair? Shoes For Crews offers a wide selection of slip-resistant styles that are easy to clean and disinfect. Safety directors, healthcare administrators and procurement professionals should also take note of the selection and provide access to the right styles to keep their teams safe.

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