How effective is your safety shoe program?

How effective is your safety shoe program? [infographic]

It’s up to you – the employer – to encourage staff to wear slip resistant footwear. Sturdy shoes are essential in improving safety and reducing injuries in the workplace. Sure, you can ask people to wear proper footwear, but the trouble with that is many voluntary programs have insufficient guidelines and low participation rates. These factors breed a hazardous environment for your clients and consumers. If you’re not sure how you can promote a shoe policy, consider one of Shoe for Crew’s corporate shoe program options that have procured concrete results.

Businesses that asked employees to pay 100 percent of shoe costs through payroll deductibles saw between 20 to 40 percent participation, which resulted in a 16 to 32 percent slip-and-fall cost reduction. Companies that paid a percentage of the shoe cost saw between 55 to 70percent participation rates and 40 to 55 percent slip-and-fall cost reduction.

Companies that paid 100 percent of safety footwear cost for employees saw the best results.They experienced between 90 to 100 percent participation and had a 72 to 80 percent slip-and-fall cost reduction.

If you’d like to protect your employees from injuries resulting from slips and falls in the workplace, consider deploying one of the aforementioned shoe programs. While having a partial-reimbursement plan in place is better than no plan at all, remember that companies that covered the cost of footwear entirely saw maximum benefits.

Save your business and staff money and time by investing in slip resistant technology that can protect everyone from the get go.

Expected slip and fall reduction is 80% multiplied by the average participation percentage. Many factors contribute to the cost savings you may achieve when implementing a SFC Safety Footwear Program. The largest is the participation rate (% of employees wearing SFC footwear) achieved. Participation estimates by program type are developed from SFC customer experience, which can vary.  SFC estimates that your slip and falls may decline by 80% or more when participation in an SFC Program approaches 100%. Factors that contribute to slips and falls include: first day/new employees, employees tripping on objects, and employees wearing SFC footwear that is more than 6 months old. These are estimates based on actual customer data. Results may vary.

How effective is your safety shoe program?