OSHA Safe + Sound Week 2019

Let’s Stay Safe and Sound at Work

OSHA has designated August 12-18, 2019 as Safe + Sound Week, emphasizing the vital importance of safety and health programs in the workplace and encouraging businesses and organizations to review and improve their programs and initiatives and promote their successes. Now is the perfect opportunity to strengthen your organization’s existing safety culture—or start a new program or initiative. 

Last year, more than 2,700 businesses participated in Safe + Sound Week. The ultimate goal is to identify and eliminate workplace hazards, prevent on-the-job accident and injury, and create a work environment of safety awareness and behavior with proactive processes, procedures and events that contribute to the overall well-being of the organization.

Share your Safety Successes

You can promote your commitment to workplace safety from within by hosting events and activities that put safety in the spotlight, and then set an example for others by posting on social media—use hashtags including #safeandsoundatwork and #safetyculture. Many organizations also host community outreach events that make a big splash and raise local awareness. 

Each organization has its own particular approach to addressing safety issues, and the most hazardous work environments will already have a stringent and disciplined safety procedures in place, presided over by a dedicated safety and risk management team. But all organizations benefit from periodic “safety checkups” and putting new initiatives into place, and each member plays a part in making the work environment safer and healthier. Raising awareness is key. 

Stand Up for Safety

No matter what the industry, one of the ways you can stay safe and sound at work every day is to wear slip-resistant shoes that help prevent slip and fall accidents. Many companies offer a safety footwear program as a component of their overall safety plans, reducing the occurrence of slips and fall accidents and their associated costs, both physical and financial.

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OSHA Safety Resources

OSHA offers a treasure trove of information, ideas and resources on how to keep workers safe. Visit the Safe + Sound participation web page to get started. 

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