Slip and fall rates by industry [infographic]

Slips and falls are the primary cause of injury in the workplace. They result in over 1 million emergency room visits a year, and 22 percent of these accidents cause at least 31 days missed from work. Curious if your work puts you at risk?

Where workers need protection: slip and fall rates by industry [infographic]

Here are the top six industries for same-level slips that result in worker injury.

  1. Transportation and warehousing: 27 per 10,000 workers
    Truck drivers, warehouse workers and supply chain employees are most likely to fall and hurt themselves when compared to all of the other professions in the U.S.
  2. Healthcare: 26 per 10,000 workers
    Slips and falls are quite common for nurses, doctors and other professionals who work in hospitalsand nursing homes. Their fast-paced line of work makes them more prone to tripping, slipping and falling.
  3. Food service and accommodation: 21 per 10,000 workers
    Restaurants and hotels make for the perfect environment for slips and falls. The floors in these places are constantly exposed to grease, oil and other agents, which can send an employee slipping and sliding, and airborne in some cases.
  4. Retail: 16 per 10,000 workers
    You might not realize it, but product displays are actually hazardous. An employee can trip over them or items can fall from the display,resulting in injuries. Retail workers should be selective when choosing appropriate footwear for the job.
  5. Construction: 14 per 10,000 workers
    Although many people who work construction are at risk of falling from high heights, they certainly aren’timmune toground-level injuries. In fact, these employees frequently get hurt even when they aren’t operating machinery.
  6. Industrial: 11 per 10,000 workers
    Just because these employees are used to working in hazardous conditions doesn’t mean they can avoid every pitfall.Many industrial employees who work with raw materials and goods slip and fall on site.

If you work in any of the aforementioned fields, you don’t have to quit your job but you should invest in proper footwear. Slipping and falling on the job can cost you and your employer out-of-pocket money. Find the right footwear and set off to work without any worries.

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