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One Life-Changing Employee Injury Could Put You Out Of Business

On-the-job slip and fall injury is a major workplace issue resulting in lost revenue and an increase in costs. According to The Hartford’s 2015 Small Business Success study, there’s a 50% chance a small business will experience a claim within the next 10 years.[1] The good news is that preventative measures including slip-resistant safety footwear tremendously reduce the occurrence of slip and fall accidents.

  • The average total cost per slip and fall accident is over $24,000 [2]
  • Employees lose an average of 38 days for each injury [3]
  • 85% of workers’ comp claims are traced to falling on slick floors [4]
Cut Slip and Fall Accidents by Up To 80% with Shoes For Crews

Since 1984, Shoes For Crews has built a reputation as a leading authority in the field of slip-resistant safety. The Shoes For Crews advantage is in our innovative slip-resistant outsole technology, utilized by thousands of small-business as a cost-effective solution to help prevent employee slip and fall accidents.

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Praise from our partners:

  • “The gripping ability of Shoes for Crews products in water and other slippery substances cannot be matched by the other vendors we have tried.”

    —Joy Myers, Polk County Public Schools

  • “I’m glad to say, since we have implemented the Shoes For Crews program…we have not experienced a slip-related injury.”

    —Jonathan Broussard, Global Connections to Employment

  • “I recommend Shoes For Crews be part of any company’s slip and fall prevention program.”

    —Lonnie Harvey, Health Care Management, Inc.

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