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June is National Safety Month

National Safety Month is the perfect opportunity to spotlight the all-important topic of safety in the workplace. After all, getting home safe and sound after a hard day on the job is a top priority for all of us, no matter where we happen to work!

For the safety professional, prevention of accident and injury in the workplace is serious business. Risk managers, safety directors, industrial hygienists and HR professionals can benefit from the amplified focus on all the efforts they diligently administrate all year long. It’s the safety professional’s time to shine, so take a bow!

Safety Makes Good Business Sense

Prioritizing workplace safety makes good sense in every environment and industry. It enhances productivity and reduces incidents that result in high recordable rates, lost workdays and high workers’ compensation and insurance costs. Establishing (and more importantly, maintaining) a strong safety culture in the work environment is kind to a business’s bottom line in addition to being the right thing to do. 

Safety is a broad subject encompassing numerous aspects. Topics ranging from emergency and disaster preparedness to First Aid and CPR, from slip and fall prevention to general health and wellness fall under its umbrella.

The Safety Spotlight is on You

Now is the ideal time for safety professionals to perform their annual assessments and self-checks, review their safety and loss prevention budgets and look into further education and training resources to update and refresh systems and procedures that enhance safety in the work environment.

Is there anything missing from your company’s comprehensive safety plan? 

• Have you included the idea of a subsidized or company-paid safety footwear program so that each and every employee is covered from the ground up? 

• Have you taken a look at some of the newest advancements in education and training, such as digital training and microlearning modules? 

• Are you scheduling periodic acknowledgement and recognition events such as awards ceremonies, quiz-show type safety contests, drawings and giveaways or safety fairs to build awareness? 

• Are you aware of digital reporting that helps you calculate the exact metrics and analytics  of your risk management plan, including costs vs. return on investment? 

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Free Safety Resources

The National Safety Council offers an array of free materials to promote awareness and help create safer workplaces. Check them out at

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