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The Key to Slip-Resistant Safety Shoes

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At Shoes For Crews®, we take safety very seriously. All slip-resistant work shoes are not created equal. Genuine slip-resistant work footwear carries a high Coefficient of Friction (COF) score that’s been tested and confirmed by independent laboratories, using internationally accepted testing methods.

The Coefficient of Friction (COF)

The Coefficient of Friction (COF) is used to measure slip-resistant safety. Outsole friction scores generally range from 0 (no friction—very slippy) to 1 (equal friction between outsole and surface—very grippy). 

COF scores are tested under hazardous floor conditions including water, oil, soap, grease and combinations of those contaminants.


Testing Methods Matter

As the leader and pioneer of slip-resistant safety footwear since 1984, Shoes For Crews is well known for undergoing the toughest and most current testing methods and adhering to the most exacting standards to arrive at our COF scores.

We run our tests on the entire shoe. Scores are verified by independent laboratory testing, and we use internationally recognized ASTM testing methods.

Many competitors still utilize the outdated Brungraber Mark II testing method, which tests only a portion of the outsole, yielding higher scores that do not accurately reflect the performance of the shoe in action.

Because our ASTM-compliant testing methods closely simulate real-life environments by testing on the whole shoe, you can trust our scores to reflect a more accurate representation of their slip-resistant traction. 


It’s Not Just About the Outsole

Comfortable and safe non-slip work shoes are our ultimate goal, not just a high COF score. Our products undergo continuous improvements to ensure overall quality, comfort and safety.

• Wider, rounded heel design for more surface contact—which means better traction
• Proprietary compounds for a consistently powerful grip on worn surfaces
• Innovative tread designs with enhanced clog resistance

We stand by our COF scores, and challenge you to compare them—and our rigorous testing methods— to any of our competitors.