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What Is a Safety Shoe Program – and Why Do I Need One?

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Safety professionals know that slip and fall accidents account for the lion’s share of workers’ compensation claims.  As a result, many companies have implemented a slip-resistant shoe policy—encouraging or mandating employees to wear safety shoes as part of their uniform. 

But a slip-resistant shoe policy is only the first step toward reducing your slip and fall exposure and costs. How do you drive program adoption and compliance? Keep track of participation rates at the unit and employee level? Create awareness of your program and make it easy for employees to participate Measure results and your return on investment? 

The answer to each of these questions is—a managed corporate shoe program. 

With a managed safety footwear program, an expert takes hold of the reins to administer your program, outfit your team with the shoes they need, and provide reporting on participation and return on investment. 


Provide Easy Access for Employees

Driving high participation and adoption increases the success of your program and overall company cost savings. A good managed program provides flexible payment options to drive employee participation, such as the payroll deduction option. 

The most effective safety footwear programs in terms of driving participation are mandated programs sponsored by your company. By creating a program that offers employees 100% company paid or partially subsidized footwear, adoption increases dramatically, and slip and fall exposure and risk are greatly diminished. 


Track Participation and Compliance

Managed programs utilize your internal data–such as employee and location file feeds– to create customized reporting and metrics to measure the results of your program. Choose a safety footwear provider that offers comprehensive on-demand program analytics and reporting, and participation reporting data to pinpoint unit and employee level compliance. 


Choose Genuine Slip-resistant Footwear

Most important to the success of your company footwear program is the footwear itself. Not all slip-resistant shoes are created equal. You’ll want to choose a proven and tested footwear provider who is an expert in the field of slip-resistant outsole technology. Genuine slip-resistant shoes feature a high coefficient of friction for maximum traction in slippery environments, tested and confirmed by independent laboratory results.