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Re-Introducing ACE® Work Boots


In 2011, Shoes For Crews® introduced the SFC PRO® line of premium work boots featuring a variation of Shoes For Crews proprietary slip-resistant outsole, combined with a rugged work boot so that workers could get their jobs done in industrial settings without having to worry about slip-and-fall accidents caused by various slick indoor surfaces.

Fast forward a few years to 2013, and Shoes For Crews expanded the product line with a new brand, ACE® Work Boots.  ACE provided an entirely new range of products with SFC’s slip-resistant outsole, and expanded even further in 2014 with the popular pull-on boot, the Bullfrog Pro. 

In 2022, the continual rise in the popularity of athletic shoes and the demand for high quality performance product fueled an evolution in how Shoes For Crews approached the design and development of ACE® Work Boots. Shoes For Crews took inspiration from athletic shoes—known for their performance and responsiveness—and complemented existing “tried and true” products with athletic-inspired styles, grounded in safety, yet providing familiar fit, lightweight feel, and responsiveness.

Now, in 2023, we’re proud to show off the updates and expansion of the ACE Work Boot line.

Re-introducing ACE® Work Boots:

Henry Ford—in the early days of automobiles—famously said that his Model-T was “available in any color you want—as long as it’s black.” and the historical footwear offering from Shoes For Crews has been largely similar – based heavily in black, to address common work uniform requirements.

To that point, ACE’s evolution offers a variety of colors including black, but also browns of various hues. Strategic pops of higher visibility and saturated color manifest themselves in our updated and more athletic-inspired designs.

Other enhancements to the line include expanded use of high-quality full-grain leathers, and the advent of the Shoes For Crews’ proprietary, oil and slip-resistant GLADIATOR™ outsole, which features a versatile traction pattern that blends superior durability, wide, easy-clean lug channels, and superior slip-resistance.   

With the expansion also come multiple extensions of selected boots, establishing collections of products in particular models (such as the ACE ARROW collection, for example) that accommodate the needs of workers in various industries. Such needs might include a waterproof style for those working in wet environments, a soft toe offering for those who may need Electrical Hazard protection but have no safety toe requirement, or non-metallic Nano-Composite Safety Toes. The extensive list of features address nearly any workplace safety scenario or need that you could imagine.

Some of the top features (among many more) included in a broad variety of ACE® Work Boots:

GLADIATOR™ Outsole: The high-abrasion GLADIATOR™ outsole keeps the bottom of your boot reliably ready to take on the roughest of environments while keeping you on your feet.  The GLADIATORoutsole also keeps the rest of the boot protected from any ground hazards, such as electricity.  

TRIPGUARD®: SFC’s TRIPGUARD outsole technology provides a decreased trip hazard zone to allow quick movement between slippery environments, reducing the risk of fall accidents due to the toe area of the boot catching on changing flooring surfaces and affecting one’s balance.

REVIVE™ Midsole:  REVIVE™ is SFC’s proprietary midsole cushioning system.  It is lightweight, provides high rebound, and resists compression (compaction) over time. It makes walking while working a pleasant experience instead of an uncomfortable situation.

Ladder Grab: The shank area of our GLADIATOR(TM) outsole is textured to provide added grip to help keep you balanced on ladder rungs while bracing yourself.

Waterproof and Water-Resistant: Most ACE® Work Boots line provide either Waterproof or Water-Resistant protection, keeping you dry and comfortable on the job.

Nano Composite Toe: This non-metallic safety toe protects your toes from falling objects and other countless dangers that could and would damage your foot if not for the protection it brings to the table. Both steel toes and nano composite toes meet the same ASTM 2413-18 impact and compression standards.

Industry Standard Protection: Our safety toe footwear meets ASTM F2413-18 (I75 impact/C75 compression and Electrical Hazard-EH) and ASTM F3445-21 (the standard for slip-resistance), using the ASTM F2913 whole shoe test method.

These are just a few of the premium features Shoes For Crews® and ACE® Work Boots bring to you, as we look to keep workers across the entire world safe from the dangers of slip-and-fall accidents. Once you click the link below, we encourage you to read up on each style’s “Features” drop-down menu (to the right of our shoe or boot image) and learn more about what each ACE® Work Boot brings to the table to make your work life easier and safer.

Now that we’ve properly introduced you to the features and history of the ACE® Work Boot brand, the next step is to explore the options of high-quality, high-performance safety footwear that will best suit your needs and preferences. 

Find the right fit for you, today! Explore the variety within our ACE® Work Boot line – CLICK HERE!