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Small Business Safety
Footwear Program

Protect your crew from slips and falls with a simple,
self-service safety footwear program.

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Small Business Safety
Footwear Program

Protect your crew from slips and falls with a simple self-service safety footwear program.

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Small Business
Safety Footwear Program

We are the leader and pioneer in slip-resistant safety footwear, since 1984. Guard your business and protect your team from workplace accidents with a hassle-free safety solution created specifically for Small Businesses.

Small Business Safety Footwear Program
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Reduce Slip and Fall - Save Lives and Money

Workplace Safety Made Simple

This program was designed with you in mind – a persevering small business owner working tirelessly to keep your business running. Limited time, resources and money means you need a simple solution. Let Shoes For Crews® help protect your #1 asset– your crew.

The average cost of a single slip and fall is over $24,000. One employee accident or injury could cause your business to suffer financially – or to close its doors. Shoes For Crews provides a safety footwear program proven to reduce the risk of slip and fall accidents.

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The Easiest Time & Money You’ve Ever Saved

This simple, self-service option is the missing piece to your safety program.

The small business safety program costs you nothing, protects your business and benefits your crew—all while doing good for the small business community!

  • Industry Leading Slip-Resistant Outsole Technology
  • Over 200 Styles
  • Year-round Discount Pricing
  • Exclusive Promotions For Additional Savings
  • Fast Free Exchanges & Easy Returns
  • 60 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Employee Easy Self-Order:

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Looking for more payment options? Check out our Corporate Managed Safety Programs. Click here!

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Shoes For Crews is proud to contribute to this cause—helping to keep restaurants open and staff employed through providing fresh meals in communities that need support. We’ll donate free meals, on your behalf to World Central Kitchen when you purchase for the first time using your free account… no strings attached.

Take the first step towards a safe work environment!

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Don't Wait To Protect and Keep Your Employees Safe At Your Small Business 

Small Business Safety Footwear Program

At Shoes For Crews, we understand that the safety of every crew member matters, no matter how small or large your business. That’s why we’re dedicated to equipping your crew with the best shoes for office work, hospitality and food service, warehousing, and more. With our simple, self-service safety footwear program, you can outfit your team with comfortable slip-resistant shoes that keep crews steady on their feet. Getting started is easy!

Workplace Safety Made Simple

Running a small business means wearing several hats. As a small business owner, you may feel like you’re in a tug-of-war between keeping your employees safe and protecting your bottom line. Worker's compensation claims can become a substantial financial burden when someone on your team gets injured, but our slip-resistant employee shoes can help minimize workplace accidents. 


Several factors can contribute to slips and falls, including new employees  not being fully oriented to the work environment,  trip hazards, and  worn-out shoes or boots worn by employees. When you partner with Shoes For Crews to protect your team, we’ll develop a customized safety footwear program, designed from the ground up to fit your needs and goals. We’ll even manage it for you, taking one more item off your busy to-do list. Our industry-leading slip-resistant footwear includes business casual shoes, work boots, corporate shoes, slip-ons, and many more styles from leading brands your employees love. 


Guidelines for Implementing a Successful Small Business Safety Footwear Program

A successful safety footwear program makes it easy for your crew to get into company-approved footwear with the safety features your workplace demands. Through our small business program, employees pay for their own shoes via credit card. This self-service program is designed to help smaller teams get the best shoes for office work, or any footwear geared toward a specific industry. Best of all, you don’t have to pay to use our small business safety program!


Here’s how it works: Your crew receives discounted pricing on slip-resistant footwear, in addition to exclusive promotions, a 60-day satisfaction guarantee, and fast, easy exchanges or returns with no restocking fees. Your business is protected by a slip-accident warranty of up to $5,000 while you enjoy discounted pricing on PPE products and experienced support for your program launch.


Training and Education in Small Business Safety Footwear Programs

Training and education play a significant role in keeping your team safe. At Shoes For Crews, we provide teams with comfortable, high-quality protective footwear featuring our superior outsole technology. We take safety in the workplace seriously. With training, education, and the right pair of safety shoes, you can save time and money while reducing the risk of accidents in the workplace. 


Best Practices for Managing a Small Business Safety Footwear Program

Whether your small business has ten employees or a hundred, they deserve the best safety solutions available. When considering adding footwear to your safety program, take the following factors into account:


  • Calculate Potential ROI: Injuries from slips and falls cost $70 billion each year in worker’s compensation and medical bills. Workplace safety programs proactively reduce that amount.
  • Research Product Safety Testing Methods: Familiarize yourself with industry-standard testing methods to better assess product quality. Low-quality or poorly tested products can undermine the entire purpose of your safety program.
  • Choose a Customizable Program: “One size fits all” safety programs don’t allow you to make the program work for your company’s needs. When managing your safety program, you’ll appreciate flexible payment options, self-service ordering portals, a variety of shoe styles to fit your team’s needs, and marketing support to boost internal program awareness and engagement.

At Shoes For Crews, we’re confident that our small business safety footwear program can help improve safety and productivity in your workplace. Get started today!

Want Safety Resources At Your Fingertips?

Get Industry-Leading Safety Resources, Tips And Best Practices Delivered To Your Inbox!

Want Safety Resources At Your Fingertips?

Get Industry-Leading Safety Resources, Tips And Best Practices Delivered To Your Inbox!