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For decades, Shoes For Crews has been an industry leader in safety, thanks to our revolutionary slip-resistant outsoles. We protect employees working in more than 150,000 locations worldwide.

Our mission to get workers home safe goes beyond individuals to entire teams. Slips and falls cost companies $70 billion annually, but our corporate programs greatly reduce the risk of employee slips and falls, and make comfort, safety, and style available to all of your workers.

We're so sure your staff will be safe in our shoes, we'll pay up to $5,000* of the medical costs for any injuries they sustain while wearing them.

*See Limited Warranty Conditions and Exceptions.

Program Types

Employee Participation
Slip & Fall Cost Reduction*

Voluntary Payroll Deduction

Employees pay for their own shoes through installments deducted from payroll.


Company-subsidized Programs

Companies partially underwrite the cost of the shoes, and employees cover the rest.


Company-paid Programs

Companies pay the entire cost of slip resistant footwear to keep their employees safe.


*Expected slip and fall reduction is 80% multiplied by the average participation percentage. Many factors contribute to the cost savings you may achieve when implementing a SFC Safety Footwear Program. The largest is the participation rate (% of employees wearing SFC footwear) achieved. Participation estimates by program type are developed from SFC customer experience, which can vary. SFC estimates that your slip and falls may decline by 80% or more when participation in an SFC Program approaches 100%. Factors that may contribute to slips and falls include: first day/new employees, employees tripping on objects, and employees wearing SFC footwear that is more than 6 months old. These are estimates based on actual customer data. Results may vary.



You don't want to be in the shoe business so count on us to help you create a shoe program that meets your needs. Style and color choices can be controlled to suit your work environments and dress codes. Custom ordering portals make secure purchasing easy. Your dedicated account representative will be with you, every step of the way.


We stand behind every shoe we sell. Should any employee have a slip and fall accident while wearing Shoes For Crews® branded footwear, we will reimburse your company up to $5,000 for any direct medical expenses for injuries sustained by your employee.*

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Try them on. Wear them to work. Put them to the test. If things don't work out, we have you covered. If an employee is not 100% satisfied for any reason within 60 days of the original purchase, they can exchange the shoes for free or return them, no questions asked.

Delivery within 3 business days or your shipping is free! Guarantee applies to Shoes For Crews' standard UPS ground shipping delivered to business locations. Some restrictions apply.

Exchanges are fast. With our Fast Lane Exchange®, we ship an employee's new shoes while the returned pair is on the way to us, instead of waiting until we get them back. Just two shoe boxes passing in the night.

We're so sure your staff will be safe in our shoes, we'll pay up to $5,000* of the medical costs for any injuries they sustain while wearing them.

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"With the technological advances Shoes for Crews is making in their products, combined with new styling and a fresh outlook on today's footwear, we are proud to have them as our leading slip resistant footwear partner."
Britt Roarx | CP-FS, Texas Roadhouse

"Since 2005, we have experienced a 64% reduction in Team Member slip/fall frequency rate, and a 50% slip/fall cost rate reduction related to water/grease claims."
Rose Roth | Safety - Management Consultant, Risk Management, Chick-fil-A Inc.


We're ready to protect your employees today.

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In safety, no cost is too great.

The average total cost per slip or fall accident is over $24,000.1

85% of workers' compensation claims can be traced to employees falling on slick floors.2

Occupational slip and fall injuries cost employers and employees $70 billion each year in workers' compensation and medical expenses.3

Employees who take time off work due to slip and fall injuries miss an average of 38 days.4

Slips and falls account for 65% of all work days lost due to injury.5

There are 95 million lost work days due to slip and fall injuries each year.6

Mobile Services

On-Site Shoe Fitting Services

Operating nation wide for qualifying customers

The Shoes For Crews On-Site Services team can make sure your employees find the right style and fit, and we'll place the order for you. This helps reduce the need for returns or exchanges and ensures your employees get in the right shoes, right away.

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Mobile Shoe Truck Service

Operating in Orlando and Las Vegas

Schedule on-site fittings for your workplace with the Shoes For Crews mobile shoe store! Our mobile service ensures the proper fitting of employees at your location with scheduling that meets your needs and convenience to minimize work flow disruption.

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Not feeling it? No worries. You have up to 60 days from your original purchase date to change your mind. If you don't love your shoes, get a free exchange and use E-Z Returns, no questions asked.


With Fast Lane Exchange, we'll ship out your new shoes even before we receive your return so you don't miss a step.