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Men's Electrostatic Dissipative (ESD) Shoes


Stay grounded with electrostatic dissipative shoes for men from Shoes For Crews! Browse our men’s ESD shoes and discover footwear ideal for men who work in industries and facilities that manufacture or assemble electronics, or any workplace with an excess of static electricity buildup. 


Our men’s ESD shoes are designed to reduce the risk of shocks from contact with ESD-sensitive components such as floor mats by minimizing static electricity buildup. Unlike ESD heel or toe straps, our ESD shoes allow continuous contact with the floor, providing superior protection even when feet are partially lifted. And, like all Shoes For Crews footwear, our ESD shoes for men feature our exclusive clog- and slip-resistant outsole to help reduce the risk of slipping on slick surfaces. 


If your role at work has you moving between slippery environments, you’ll appreciate our selection of ESD shoes for men with TRIPGUARD®. This handy feature reduces the trip hazard zone, allowing fluid movements between slippery environments. And when you’re working with fluids, it always helps to wear a pair of water-resistant shoes that can repel liquids from the surface.


Maximize Workplace Safety with ESD Shoes for Men


While surfaces such as floor mats are a common culprit of electrostatic buildup, they’re not the only source. The people you’re working with can also cause an electrostatic discharge. In fact, the shoes and clothes they’re wearing generate a discharge themselves. For this reason, many industries where static electricity is commonplace (such as workplace environments with low humidity) make ESD shoes a requirement. 


For greater safety in the workplace, several of our men’s ESD shoes feature steel toes — a thick, puncture-resistant design to protect your feet. For a lighter option, consider our men’s nano composite safety toe ESD shoes. These lightweight and roomy safety shoes are non-metallic, non-magnetic, and meet ASTM F-2413 standards. Browse our collection to find the features that will help you stay comfortable throughout your workday, such as removable cushioned insoles and padded tongues and collars.  


If your role involves finding and implementing workplace safety solutions, we’re here to help. Our catalog includes ESD shoes in men’s sizes 4 to 15 to fit every member of your crew. You’ll find leather men’s ESD shoes, as well as a synthetic style for instances where leather isn’t the best option. Of course, our men’s ESD shoes feature the powerful traction you expect from Shoes For Crews, as well as clog resistance for easy cleaning.


Stay Secure and Stylish with Our ESD Men's Shoes


Whatever your industry, staying safe at work is a top priority. That’s why so many crews appreciate our men’s safety toe footwear collection. Stay safe with men’s steel toe and composite toe shoes with ESD protection to prevent a damaging buildup of static discharge. When it comes to safety footwear, we have you covered. 


Shop online today to keep your crew secure and stylish in shoes that protect your feet, reduce the risk of slipping at work, and much more!

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