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Men's Athletic-Inspired Shoes & Work Sneakers

Does your job have you standing, walking, or even sprinting throughout the day? It's time to give your feet the attention they deserve. Men's athletic-inspired work shoes from Shoes For Crews are the answer. Our catalog of men's athletic work shoes includes lightweight casual styles featuring our exclusive slip-resistant outsole to help keep you steady on your feet, even on the slickest of surfaces. You'll find slip-resistant athletic-style shoes with extra cushioning and comfortable insoles for added arch support to keep your feet feeling great even after your workday.

We have the brands you love to wear, including New Balance, MOZO, and Shoes For Crews, in regular and wide fits designed to suit almost any foot. Our men's slip-resistant sneakers include runner-inspired, air-cushioned work shoes, and even slip-on aquatic shoes. When you need footwear that balances the needs of the workplace with your personal style and comfort, you need Shoes For Crews.

Stay Agile and Protected with Our Men's Athletic-Inspired Work Shoes

Teams that work in kitchens, food service jobs, supermarkets, and other environments with slippery surfaces know the dangers of shoes that don't grip. Slips, trips, and falls account for many workplace accidents, yet are largely preventable. At Shoes For Crews, we want to help you and your team stay safe on your feet. No matter where you work, you'll love our men's slip-resistant sneakers – the perfect combination of function and style.

Looking for work sneakers for men that protect your feet from spills and splashes? Shoes For Crews' SPILL GUARD® feature has you covered with a protective membrane that helps ward off liquids. Our water-resistant athletic-style shoes are designed to last longer and provide superior comfort and protection in work environments that frequently deal with liquids.

Cleaning outsoles after a long day of work is never fun. That's why we patented slip-resistant outsoles for men's athletic work shoes with technology that promotes easy cleaning, eliminating the frustration experienced with hard-to-clean outsoles typical of slip-resistant footwear.

Are you constantly moving between uneven walking surfaces? Meet TRIPGUARD®, our exclusive outsole toe feature that facilitates ease of movement from one walking surface to another. This feature can reduce the risk of workplace injuries caused by tripping.

You may clean your feet after work, but when was the last time you gave the same attention to your shoes? Get rid of lingering odors with shoe deodorizer to keep your footwear smelling fresh.

Men's slip-resistant sneakers can keep you agile and protected throughout your workday. But when you're working long hours on your feet, you can give yourself even more relief and comfort with the right socks. Our selection of men's socks includes compression socks (great for improving blood circulation and reducing strain on calf muscles), no-show socks, and socks with Drymax® technology to provide additional moisture protection.

Shop at Shoes For Crews and experience comfort and durability without compromising protection. Our men's slip-resistant men's athletic shoes are designed to keep you and your crew safe, comfortable, and ready to handle whatever challenges the workplace throws at you.

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