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Slip-Resistant Overshoes 


Did you know there's a way to make almost any shoe slip- and water-resistant? It's true – and easier than you might think. All you need are slip-resistant overshoes from Shoes For Crews®!  


We get it. Few people have even heard of overshoes. So, what are overshoes? In short, overshoes are an easy and affordable way to add features your shoes weren’t designed with originally. If the work shoes you love don’t offer slip resistance or can’t handle a messy environment, overshoes offer a simple solution. They're easy to wear and fit snugly and securely over various shoe styles. And, of course, they feature Shoes For Crews’ superior slip-resistant traction to help keep you steady on your feet.


But our slip-resistant overshoes do more than help reduce the risk of slipping at work. Men's rubber overshoes can protect against spills (perfect for work environments where splashes are the norm) and feature innovative stretch technology to fit comfortably over sneakers, dress shoes, or work shoes. If you’re responsible for a team and need a simple, affordable workplace safety solution, our slip-resistant, waterproof overshoes may be your answer. Overshoes for men are ideal for new or temporary hires, visitors, health and safety inspectors, and even managers who only visit potentially hazardous areas on rare occasions. Keep a stock of slip-resistant overshoes on-hand to be sure everyone who enters your workplace does so safely. 


At Shoes For Crews, it’s our mission to keep your workforce safe with comfortable, affordable footwear. Our slip-resistant overshoes allow workers and managers to remain adaptable no matter where their work may take them. And when you're looking for an easy way to provide your team with enhanced arch support and stability, be sure to browse our collection of men's insoles.


Benefits of Slip-Resistant Overshoes

Maintaining a safe and healthy workplace is paramount, no matter your industry. To that end, many restaurant kitchens, warehouses, and manufacturing centers keep slip-resistant overshoes on hand for visitors and new employees. If you’re considering overshoes for yourself or your team, keep the following benefits in mind:  
  • Overshoes help protect against splashes, scuffs, and dirty floors – ideal for visitors wearing formal dress shoes.
  • Rubber overshoes are easier to clean than sneakers or athletic-style shoes.
  • Overshoes provide extra protection against splashes, puddles, and spills.
  • Slip-resistant overshoes grip surfaces tightly, reducing the risk of common workplace accidents like slips, trips, and falls.
  • They can be worn over almost any type of shoes, including flats, work boots, formal dress shoes, trainers, and more. 

Keep in mind, while men's rubber overshoes cost less than a new pair of safety work shoes, overshoes do not have all the features and benefits of Shoes For Crews’ slip-resistant footwear. Shop our full range of safety footwear for superior protection in the workplace!

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