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Protective Equipment

Safety is the top priority on any job site. Workplace injuries cause physical harm as well as lost productivity and worker’s compensation claims that cut into the bottom line. In addition to following clear safety procedures, work crews need high-quality PPE to reduce their risk of accidents and injuries.

Developing a culture of workplace safety can help put an end to avoidable accidents. Identifying common workplace hazards is a great start. From there, a manager can determine the protective equipment their crews need to stay safe at work.


Slips and falls are a common but often overlooked cause of workplace accidents and injuries. Outfitting your team with slip-resistant footwear can help employees stay steady on slick surfaces — but protecting the feet is only the first step. Other types of personal protective equipment include gloves, eyewear, and ear protection.


Keep your team safe with personal protective equipment from Shoes For Crews, including:


  • Face shields
  • Ear plugs
  • Cut-resistant work gloves
  • Anti-fog, protective eyewear

Key Elements of an Effective Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Program

When developing your PPE program, keep the following essentials in mind:


  • Assess current and potential hazards and how they can be avoided
  • Select the appropriate equipment
  • Maintain personal protective equipment
  • Train and educate crews in proper PPE use
  • Monitor the program to ensure compliance

At Shoes For Crews, we want to make it easier for safety managers to protect their teams and bottom line. That’s why we offer managed safety footwear programs for companies of all sizes. We want to protect your crew against preventable injuries while reducing medical costs,insurance payouts, and worker’s compensation claims. 


Assessing Workplace Hazards and Identifying Appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Are you a safety manager in the construction industry? Construction crews are exposed to hazards daily and depend on reliable construction PPE for their safety. By evaluating workplace hazards, you can better determine and minimize the risks your crews are exposed to. 

Of course, not all accidents are avoidable. However, being better prepared can make it easier to handle incidents when they occur. According to the Associated Builders and Contractors, when you take proactive measures to identify workplace hazards, job site safety gets a boost of up to 670%!


Types of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for Different Workplace Hazards

So, what is PPE in the context of Food and Non-Food Manufacturing, for example? Essential safety gear includes product features such as:

  • Slip-resistant safety shoes, such as steel-toe, composite-toe, or aluminum-toe boots
  • Safety glasses
  • Ear plugs or ear muffs
  • Cut-resistant gloves
  • Fall harnesses
  • Safety vests
  • Eye protection

Trying to get an entire team on the same page can be challenging. But with our safety footwear program and catalog of personal protective equipment, it’s easier than ever to keep your crew safe in the workplace. At Shoes For Crews, we want to help your team adopt a safety-first policy in the workplace. Ask us how!

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