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Slip-Resistant Footwear for Supermarkets


Supermarkets are notorious for slippery floors. Whether there’s an invisible spill in the aisle or moisture from a recent mop-up, every department can become a hazardous environment. That’s why you need slip-resistant footwear from Shoes For Crews. Our superior outsole technology can reduce the risk of slip-and-fall accidents, providing the best shoes for supermarket work.


Our supermarket shoes come from brands you trust, including , New Balance, PUMA® Safety, ACE® Work Boots, and our Shoes For Crews brand. Whether you stock shelves overnight or supervise a department all day, you’ll find the footwear you need to stay safe and comfortable throughout your shift. 


Do you work in the loading area? Staging and receiving come with their own risks in addition to slick floors. Maximize your safety and productivity with women's and men’s safety toe supermarket shoes to protect your feet. Our tough but comfortable steel-toe and composite-toe shoes and boots offer proactive protection against slips, falls, and injuries to your feet.


Does your role require moving from the backroom to the customer area? Hustling from one type of floor to another can be risky, but you can't let that slow you down. At Shoes For Crews, you’ll find slip-resistant shoes for supermarkets that incorporate our TRIPGUARD® feature, which facilitates movement between slippery environments. If you’re responsible for cleaning up spills and other grocery messes, a pair of water-resistant supermarket shoes can help you stay dry and safely on your feet.

  Conquer Long Shifts with Unparalleled Comfort and Grip

Long shifts at the supermarket can be hard on your body. Wearing the best shoes for supermarket work is essential to avoid accidents and minimize pain and fatigue. Shoes For Crews’ slip-resistant safety toe footwear is appropriate for grocery environments and meets the ASTM F3445-18 standard for slip resistance, using the F2913-19 whole shoe test method. We test our soft toe styles with this test method as well! It’s all about providing you with superior grip and traction. And when it comes to comfort, our removable cushioned insoles, padded collars and tongues, and airbag cushioning are also hard to beat.


At Shoes For Crews, our goal is to keep you and your team safe, comfortable, and productive — both during and after your shift. Our supermarket shoes are designed to keep up with the demands of your high-energy workday. Slip-resistant shoes for supermarkets can provide the traction you need to safely carry fresh stock, clean slippery areas, and traverse changing surfaces. Our selection features ultra-lightweight, breathable designs to help you work like a champion throughout even the longest days.


Of course, no one wants to bring their work home. After a long shift, the last thing you want to do is clean your outsoles to ensure they’re ready for the next day. That’s why Shoes For Crews developed our exclusive slip-resistant outsole with a clog-resistant, easy clean design. Isn’t it time you had a pair of work shoes that were a breeze to clean?


If your role involves managing a team throughout a long shift, Shoes For Crews is here to help. Providing your crew with the best shoes for supermarket work can help reduce accidents and lost productivity — and may even boost morale! Our catalog of grocery-appropriate footwear features designs for virtually any workplace environment, from the checkout line to the meat department. Find the perfect fit for your crew at Shoes For Crews.

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