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4SG Feature
4SG Shoe feature

Slip Resistant, Even on the Ice

Shoes For Crews® has developed a new and innovative technology that works in all weather conditions, even on icy surfaces! The all-new SFC® 4-Season Grip™ solves one of the most significant difficulties in slip-resistant footwear, keeping a grip on the ground as temperatures plummet.

The colder it gets, the more the rubber in your shoe’s outsole hardens, reducing the outsole’s grip on the ground. This innovative SFC® 4SG™ technology maintains slip-resistant protection in even the coldest of temperatures. Its GLADIATOR™ Easy Clean outsole has wide channels that easily remove snow and debris with every step, all while providing consistent traction and grip in the heat and cold, on wet, dry, greasy or oily surfaces, and dry ice and frosted ice.

4sg tread

Introducing SFC® 4SG™

Pike Chill Boot  - Shop Now

Pike 4SG™ - Composite Toe

Men's Black, Style# 72515

ACE ARROW™ 6 Inch 4SG™- Soft Toe

ACE ARROW™ 6 Inch 4SG™ Soft Toe

Men's Brown, Style# 62314

Crewguard  - Shop Now


Black, Style# G2101