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Shower Slide

Black, Style# 41908


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Order this style at least 1 whole size larger than your normal size. Example: If you wear size 9, order size 10. If you wear size 9.5, order size 11.
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  1. Slip Resistant: Superior SFC slip-resistant outsole.
  2. Easy Clean: Superior SFC slip-resistant outsole with our patented clog resistance built in.
  1. Durable EVA construction for comfort and flexibility
  2. The only shower shoe featuring Shoes For Crews proprietary slip-resistant outsole technology
  3. Water-resistant EVA construction
  4. TRIPGUARD® protection for safer maneuvering in and out of shower
  5. Designed to stay flexible and resilient, even after long-term use
  6. ATTENTION: High temperatures can cause EVA material to contort, mar or warp. DO NOT leave near stoves, heaters or radiators. AVOID storing in unventilated parked vehicles or exposing to direct sunlight. Store in a cool, dry place.
  7. Weight (per shoe): 13.20 oz


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