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Infrared Recovery Compression Socks

Men's Black, Style# S7160


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  1. Includes 1 pair
  2. Circulation promoting compression profile in combination with SMART INFRARED for non-stop fresh-feeling legs
  3. Fast recovery after physical exertion thanks to accelerated removal of metabolic waste
  4. Anatomical design and high quality blend of materials provide superior comfort
  5. Made with 73% polyamide, 18% spandex & 9% lyocell
  6. Yarn integrated bioactive minerals reflect infrared rays of the body (thermal radiation of the body) back on the skin
  7. Reflected infrared rays, warm the body and support blood flow as well as regeneration
  8. Improved blood circulation for optimal supply of nutrients to muscles
  9. Optimum support for calf muscles
  10. Supports proprioception by stimulating skin receptors
  11. Dampens/reduces muscle vibrations during movement
  12. Anatomically adapted foot section
  13. Enhanced performance
  14. Faster recovery and better warm-up
  15. Maintains muscle function
  16. Stabilizes musculoskeletal system and reduces the occurrence of injuries
  17. Forms a protective shell around muscles and stabilizes joints
  18. No slipping, no blisters


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