Know Your Safety Score

We proudly publish our scores and invite you to see how our footwear stacks up against the competition.

Often copied but never surpassed, Shoes For Crews® literally invented the slip-resistant work shoe and established an industry.

The Coefficient of Friction

Not all slip-resistant shoes are created equal. Shoes For Crews® consistently achieves the highest Coefficient of Friction (COF) scores which measure outsole traction and slip resistance.

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Unlike Shoes For Crews®, many competitors still utilize outdated testing methods, yielding higher COF scores that do not accurately reflect the performance of the shoe in action.

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Our proprietary outsoles are manufactured through a demanding and exacting process that ensures that the last shoe from the mold is as effective as the first, resulting in consistently high COF scores.

  • We invest in state-of-the-art CnC mold-making technology
  • We employ a unique cleaning process that allows molds to stay in tiptop shape
  • We constantly check and replace our molds to maintain a high level of slip resistance


Our proprietary outsole manufacturing process remains a trade secret, but the results are clear when you compare our COF scores with any of our competitors. This is why millions of workers worldwide, in more than 150,000 locations, depend on the slip-resistant safety of Shoes For Crews®.

Due to potential disruptions in some regions due to COVID-19 and our logistics partners taking the necessary precautions to protect their facilities and our customers, there might be minor delays in order fulfillment. As a result, we have temporarily suspended our QuickShip Guarantee program. We continue to work to service our customers through these difficult times and deliver our industry leading safety footwear directly to your door.

Our Las Vegas and Orlando retail stores are open with limited capacity per governmental guidelines.