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Britt Roarx - CP-FS

Texas Roadhouse

"We appreciate the partnership over the years in helping countless Roadies (team members) stay safe. With the technological advances Shoes For Crews is making in their products, combined with new styling and a fresh outlook on today's footwear, we are proud to have them as our leading slip resistant footwear partner. As we continue to grow our brand, Shoes For Crews continues to work with us year after year to provide safe, effective products and provide Legendary service to all of our Roadies."

Rose Roth, ARM | Enterprise Risk Management, Chick-fil-A Inc.

Chick-fil-A Inc.

"Shoes For Crews has been a valued long-term partner and supplier since 2000, providing the most effective slip-resistant shoes in the industry. Chick-fil-A, Inc. chose Shoes For Crews as a partner to source for our Operators not only for their unsurpassed patented slip-resistant shoe technology that will allow their Team Members to be safe in the restaurants, but also for their commitment to product and customer service excellence."

Jaime Guzman - Safety Manager

Rubio's Coastal Grill

"At Rubio's, safety is instilled in our DNA. We began our relationship with SFC many years ago based on research showing the effectiveness of wearing slip-resistant footwear in a restaurant setting. Based on the success we've seen after implementing the SFC solution, we expect to continue using them for many more years. Our focus must be on our people and their wellbeing because they represent everything that Rubio's is today, tomorrow and in our years to come. Having a slip-resistant shoe program with SFC is a straightforward measure to significantly reduce the risk of a slip and fall and provide a safer work environment."

David C. Perez - HR Director

Felder Services

"Prior to entering into our partnership with SFC in September 2013, slip and fall workplace accidents represented approximately 60% of our Workers Compensation injuries. Being in a Housekeeping and Dining Services industry within a health care facility environment, we were looking to improve this situation. After implementing the program, slip and fall accidents were almost negligible in 2014 and that trend has continued to date. In addition, because of our employees being more safety conscious as a result of the shoes, our total number of accidents was cut by nearly 50%.

We found that the cost of providing the free shoes to the employees was one of our benefits that was most appreciated by them. In addition, our annual cost to provide the shoes was recaptured by receiving a credit to our WC insurance premium for having a policy in place that required our employees to wear slip resistant shoes. As a result, we are now able to provide SFC shoes to all of our employees on an annual basis, at little or no cost.

We greatly value our relationship with SFC, as we believe they are truly interested in assisting Felder Services in providing a safe workplace environment. It is a true partnership whereby both parties benefit."

Ken Hall - Safety Director

Panera Bread

"Panera has seen great results from our partnership with SFC over the last four years. Associate participation is high, associate injuries have been reduced year after year and our managers indicate the overall program (from placing an order to payroll deductions to returns and refunds) is easy to implement and not cumbersome at all."

Timothy Spong - Executive Director, Safety, Security and Risk

Chipotle Mexican Grill

"In 2007, we tested Shoes For Crews in our restaurants for the first time and did a nationwide rollout in 2008. In our program, we provide CrewGuard overshoes free of charge to our restaurant employees. We augment the free overshoe program by giving our restaurant-level employees the option to purchase Shoes For Crews slip-resistant shoes via a payroll deduction program. Given that we operate 1,800 company-owned restaurants, we have a broad claims history and what we've found in terms of our results is remarkable. Prior to the 2008 rollout, slip and falls accounted for 33% of our claims frequency and 38% of our claims dollars.

The results of the nationwide rollout were immediate and remarkable: within two years of the rollout we experienced a 59% reduction in the per-restaurant frequency of slips and falls, and today slips and falls account for only 8% to 10% of our claim frequency and claims dollars. The program takes some accounting, legal and IT work on the front end to set up, but the results in terms of restaurant safety are well worth the time and effort that it took to put the program in place. We've made Shoes For Crews a part of our culture at Chipotle and our restaurant teams appreciate the safer work environment that has been a result of this successful and longstanding partnership. Count me a big fan of Shoes For Crews!

There are not many easy home runs for restaurant safety out there, but Shoes For Crews is one of them."

B. Manon Martinez, PHR - Human Resources Manager

Hyatt Regency Savannah

"I am very happy to recommend Shoes For Crews (SFC) to my employees due to the quality of the product, no matter what style. After close to three years of selling the shoes, I trust the quality and durability of the shoes and feel very confident that our employees will go about their work day with added protection from slips and falls. We have had only two accidents in three years involving falls and neither of them were wearing SFC. Fortunately, these were minor incidents. Overall, we have experienced no OSHA recordable accidents since August, 2011. In prior years, we would have two or three recordable incidents per year at the very least. Also, I have noticed a lot less complaints from employees who stand on their feet (bellmen, food and beverage servers, kitchen staff, stewarding, housekeepers, and banquet servers). I don't hear about the tired legs and aching feet!

Associates love the shoes and most have placed re-orders. Some buy them for family members who are also work on their feet. We make it very easy for the employees to purchase, dividing their payments over two, three or four pay periods, depending on the price of the shoe they have selected. They also love the free gifts, ESPECIALLY the socks! They would rather have socks than free shipping or 10% off. I think they also like the fact that if the shoes don't fit or if there is any sort of problem (which there seldom is), they know they can get a replacement with no hassle.

I'm delighted to be able to have my employees wear a quality shoe that looks good and that they will be safe wearing. There is a style for every taste, they are reasonably priced and overall just a quality product. I would highly recommend the shoes to any company that's looking for a good, solid shoe that will hold up no matter what department the employee works."

Lonnie Harvey - Corporate Director of Human Resources and Risk Management

Health Care Management, Inc.

"We committed to SFC due to increased frequency and severity of workers' compensation injuries. During the past 2 policy periods prior to Shoes For Crews we had $600,000 in losses as a result of slips and falls with an average of 24 annual claims. We are 40 days away from completing our insurance policy period. We have had only 1 minor slip and fall incident whereby an employee slipped on an icy sidewalk as she was entering the facility. Without a doubt, SFC has made a significant impact in terms of reducing and preventing slips and falls in the workplace as we haven't had to spend even a dollar since implementation. We are very happy with the results that have been produced. I recommend SFC be part of any company's slip and fall prevention program."

Joey Pamaran Tugung CWCP, CRMS - Director, Risk Management

Unified Care Services, LLC.

"In essence, with the SFC program, we were not only able to save millions of dollars in terms of premiums, but more important, we were able to invest proudly in the company's greatest asset i.e., its human resources. The employee's safety and welfare were taken care of, which through the years has contributed to a kind of work environment where now we have high employee morale and high productivity. Indeed, with Shoes For Crews, Safety Pays."

Julia Reyes, DNP, APRN, CPNP-AC

Driscoll Children's Hospital

"From 2011 to 2015, our claim costs for Slips/Trips/Falls (STFs) had risen toover $125K/ per fiscal year for our company of nearly 3,000 employees and volunteers. Due to the fact that our employees getting injured and the costs were skyrocketing, we looked at various programs we could implement toreduce injuries and costs. One of our initiatives was to implement the Shoes For Crews program. Wetested this in our highest risk / highest amount of claims areas (food andnutrition and EVS) by purchasing the staff Shoes For Crews footwear, and wesaw a significant decrease in injuries (and costs) over a year (EVS went to ZERO injuries) in 2016. When we saw the improvement in these two areas, we opened the Shoes forCrews up to all employees beginning March 2017. I am anxious to see howthe results will turn out and am anticipating another significant reduction in STF injuries! The good news is our claim cost has dropped dramatically – from over $125K two years ago, to just over $37K this past fiscal year – an $88K reduction in STF costs!"

Jonathan Broussard, CSP - Safety Professional

Global Connections to Employment, Inc.

"Our organization primarily provides custodial and food services at wide variety of settings. Slip and fall injuries are a very real concern. From my arrival in May 2016 until we implemented the Shoes For Crews program in October 2016, we experienced 7 slip related injuries. Six of those injuries involved employees wearing slip resistant shoes of another national brand. I’m glad to say, since we have implemented the Shoes For Crews program in October of last year through today, we have not experienced a slip related injury. In addition, our comp carrier (The Hartford) is using our experience as a selling point to other insured companies, and our Senior Operations Executives have learned to use the program as a selling point when offering our services."

Joy Myers - Director of Risk Management

Polk County Public Schools

"We began purchasing Shoes For Crews (SFC) for our employees in 2014 as part of a pilot program in our school nutrition positions. Prior to this, we required slip-resistant soles but found the employees often had ones of poor quality and did not prevent slips as expected. During the first year with SFC, we saw a dramatic decrease in the slip and falls within this group. The gripping ability of Shoes For Crews products in water and other slippery substances cannot be matched by the other vendors we have tried. We have found SFC to be clearly superior in these environments. The customer service aspect of the company is fantastic and any problems have been resolved quickly. They have made our returns easy and virtually hassle-free. Because of the success with our partnership in Shoes For Crews, we have seen savings exceeding the cost of the program. We find this program valuable because making an investment in our employees lets them know that we care about them being able to perform their jobs safely."

Damian Weaver - Head of Pay and Reward

Pret a Manger

"Just think about it for a minute: We have made 6,500 people's working life much better. They stand a lot during the day and now they have something decent to stand on. How you managed to accept, process and deliver the amount of shoes that you did in the timescale that you did and for the price that you did amazes me. You can use that quote on any marketing you want!"


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