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Industrial Shoes for Women

You work a tough job, but that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice safety for comfort or style. Our industry-leading industrial shoes for women don’t just look great—they’re loaded with advanced safety features that keep you steady on your feet while providing long-lasting comfort. 

Whether working on a factory floor with a risk of spills or a construction site exposed to the elements, Shoes For Crews® has you covered. Every pair in our catalog of women’s industrial work shoes features our exclusive slip-resistant outsole, providing superior grip and traction to reduce the risk of slips, falls, and injuries in the workplace.


Women's Industrial Shoes: Protection and Style

Any job that keeps you on your feet all day takes its toll on your body—and your footwear. That’s why it’s essential to wear work shoes and boots that are built to last. We offer industrial shoes for women in durable materials, including leather, jacquard knit, microfiber, EVA, and synthetic blends – all designed to withstand the rigors of your demanding work environment.

Need safety-toe footwear? Nothing beats our tough but comfortable work boots with aluminum, composite, nano-composite, and steel-toe protection for your feet. Are you constantly working in wet environments? Our pull-on EVA  boots are treated to repel liquids from the surface and protect your skin from splashes. And don’t forget to shop shoes with extra-cushioned insoles so you can enjoy extra comfort while tackling the toughest jobs.


Explore Women's Industrial Footwear

At Shoes For Crews, we’re proud to offer the best shoes for women in industrial jobs. Our patented slip-resistant outsole comes standard on every pair, including industrial styles from brands you love, like PUMA® SAFETY, DEWALT, and ACE Work Boots. As the industry leader in slip-resistant technology, we subject every shoe to rigorous testing to ensure superior quality and grip. Visit our blog to read more about how we make industrial safety work for you!


Women's Industrial Shoes for Tough Workplaces

Factories, construction sites, and warehouses are fast-paced workplaces that require attention to every detail. Don’t risk injury from an unseen hazard! Our industrial shoes for women include safety features designed to protect you from everything from electrical hazards to flooded floors to impact and puncture damage. Additional  design elements like our TRIPGUARD® feature and SPILL GUARD® feature add further protection to keep you working like a champion.


Stylish and Durable: Women's Industrial Footwear

Just because you work in a challenging and demanding work environment doesn’t mean you can’t wear stylish work shoes! Our industrial shoes for women are as varied as the industries we serve, from protective, waterproof boots to colorful, athletic-inspired EH-rated sneakers.
 Many of our exclusive outsoles are oil- and clog-resistant, protecting the shoe from damage while keeping it easy to clean after a long shift.


Stay Safe and Look Great with Women's Industrial Shoes

Are you ready to stay safe and look great in the workplace? Shop our selection of industrial shoes for women and find your perfect fit today!

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